Fiverr systm is out of order! or out of control


as my own openion fiverr was a great place for freelencer ! people earned a lot and few still earning , it was a great platform for newb ! but for a year now fiverr is losing his peach ! fiverr system is out of control ! i hear from friends and many people on internet that fiverr is not as fiverr was before!

Buyer request system Out of control
Trojan virus attack increasing day by day ! Out of control!

some times My gig showed in top CAT with not a singel order!

even hard to get a single order now!

what happended with fiverr?
why many of us not getting any order?
we were getting many orders but wnot now?
what is the reason behind ?
Please fiverr your old plateform was great we all Missing!


Yes same with me too.


Yes, I am also having the same problem. What we should do now?


i think we should wait a little more! i hope everything will be ok with fiverr!


Yah, I’m also confused about it.
I heard people with a level 2 status usually gets a few orders everyday in my niche (graphic design). Me, here, got 2 new orders directly in last 2 months.
Thanks to my returning buyers, who’s orders are at least keeping me working.



The all fiver system was update, they will solve the all issue ans make some changes in website also that’s why that problem you suffer but don’t worry about it it will take a 10 to 15 days to complete the all matter and after you can get a order and this is not depend on fiver you get a order, you have to use the buyer request and also use the social media share you gig so people they can see your gig, the CS was made some changes in system so when it will solve you problem was solved. :slight_smile:


actually the big issue is with buyer request! there is nothing special except Spammmmerzzzz!


it will solve already . :slight_smile: