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Fiverr take that much..urgh

today i supposedly earned $114 from my work.
But i only received $91 from it.

That $23 is just too much…too much to be taken. :frowning:
i’m feeling really upset…

the amount of tip from the clients is snatched away just like that!

Fiverr takes 20% of income no matter if tip or not. I wish Fiverr would at least adjust what they take from our hard earn tips to 5 or 10% and not take so much.

How much do you spend on advertising?
How much did it cost you to build a huge web platform and how much are the maintenance costs? How much are your monthly fees?
Nothing - You pay nothing to use Fiverr except these fees when you get an order.

Don’t moan about Fiverr’s fees. Go somewhere else and then you will understand how good you have it here. Other sites charge membership fees or per bid whereas here you only pay a % of your sales. It is the most cost effective platform out there for small time sellers so quit the moaning.

very wise comment from @eoinfinnegan

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You don’t have to try to belittle them for expressing them.

I don’t see belittlement, I see facts. I do agree that Fiverr should reform the 20% for larger orders, and it may well happen in future changes, but whining on a forum about it doesn’t really get results and does open you up for alternative opinions, some of which may be a tad forceful.

Anyway, I’m more of a Voltaire kinda girl: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. OK, so Voltaire never said that; his biographer did, but details, details. Don’t shut down the debate with “my feelings are hurt”! Extend it! I usually agree with Eoin for what it’s worth, and he’s a lot more respectful than I can be at times!

How is what I said belittling? Yes, it would be nice if Fiverr gave us the service for free or a smaller percentage but then again, I bet my customers think the same of me. I have done the alternative sites and the advertising, built a website etc that I suggested and have offered my informed opinion (which I am also entitled to) that Fiverr is the best platform for small to medium time freelancers. This is to be helpful to the OP as I originally thought 20% was high too, until I discovered the reality.
Yes, the percentage should be lower for higher value orders in the same way it is on some other sites, but that is up to them to decide. I expect that it will come down when packages come in fully and the average price paid on the site goes up a bit.

You hurt his feelings.

He feels belittled, and that means there’s a belittler afoot!

I actually think the way another site does fees is great. They do 15% fees and once you get over £375 in a month the fees drop to 3%. Not only does it encourage me to try more to win business on that site but I also use the site as a payment taker for other work I get from my blog and website. Some people prefer having a 3rd party holding payment.

For the amount they take you’d think they’d spend it on fixing the bugs on this site… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are talking about the site I am thinking about, wait until you have a problem with the order. Customer support will agree that you are entitled to payment. However, they won’t decide the case in your favour until you give them £5.00 (non-refundable)

This site sounds interesting, and I’m not sure I know it. It’s such a shame nobody can tell me what it is…maybe I should check my inbox? <cough>

I haven’t had the need for that yet but I would not be surprised if they charge for anything as they charge for everything they can. As I said before, Fiverr is the best by miles as a seller as you only pay fees when you get paid.

They also charge you if you wish to cancel an order because you don’t want to deal with it. A 10% fee, if I remember correctly.

Everyone complains about the 20%, but let’s look at the facts:

  1. Thumbtack makes you buy credits to bid on jobs. So you’re spending $20 before you make a dime, and that doesn’t mean your bids are accepted.

  2. Other websites make you share personal information like your identity card, passport, some even make you take a test before you can work. That is not only humiliating, but a HUGE waste of time.

  3. Few gig websites get the traffic Fiverr does

  4. I don’t know any other website that lets you create your own gig. If you’re a witch, you can create a gig on Fiverr. If you want to sing in your underwear, you can do that on Fiverr. On other websites, you can only do what they let you do, which isn’t much.

  5. Fiverr does spend quite a lot of money on advertising, they bring traffic like crazy. Your only expense is your Internet connection, and that’s assuming you’re not working from a public library.

So Fiverr charges 20%, BIG FREAKING DEAL. You made $91 and are crying because you had to give Fiverr $23. Oh the horror! How will you live?

Want to complain about something? Complain about buyers who demand endless revisions, who demand refunds which means your time was wasted and you make nothing. Don’t blame Fiverr, they’re letting you make money. You should be grateful.

Please will start scamming and will ask their buyer to order amount using tip!

I know, this isn’t what you want to hear. But you got all that work without having to go thru bids.

Take the $20!

Believe me, I’m always looking for a 2nd Fiverr in my life, something that allows me to make money easily and with no drama, but so far I haven’t found it.

If someday Fiverr is bought by another company or I’m kicked out, I’m pretty much screwed. Then I’ll be forced to seek a regular job, and at my age (I’m 40), with my attitude (I’m not a good team player), that is not an easy quest.

“making money easily” with “no drama” is a wonderful fantasy! I think there is room in the market for yet another freelance site, but I can’t think of a USP and running these things must be a logistical nightmare. I am also not much of a team player–I get prickly and sarcastic easily–and have never held down anything approaching “a real job”, so I also seek the perfect online career.

This might be a good thread to dream up the perfect freelance site:

–no bidding is good
–flat rate of 20% not so great, but understandable
–some pre-vetting of sellers and buyers would be nice. Not silly internet tests that are out of date, but a mod team to weed out the scammer sellers and people who shouldn’t be allowed to pretend to be business people
–multiple payment options seems like a good idea
–option to transfer reviews from other sites so experienced workers can display credentials easily

I imagine this costs a small fortune and I’ve missed out something important.

When my best friend told me about Fiverr in 2011 (I joined in 2013), I told him something like this: “You’re being ridiculous! 5 bucks? Why the hell would I do anything for $5 bucks. Besides, the website is too busy, too many squares, it drives me crazy, I won’t do it!”

And now look at me. LOL

Seriously though, I do agree with your ideas. Executing them is the challenge, not just programming but how do you get traffic? How do you handle unhappy customers? Payments? Scammers?

Besides, there’s too much competition now. The only area Fiverr doesn’t cover is erotica. Sure, there are Fiverr writers that write erotic short stories, but no “I will show you my you know what for $5”