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Fiverr take too much commission on 52 usd gig i just got 41.60 ??


is that fair ???

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On every order you get, Fiverr takes 20%. It’s a lot, yes, but it’s the price you pay for the service that Fiverr gives their sellers.


Technically it’s in the Terms of Service when you sign up on Fiverr that they get 20% off from the sales you make. So 20% of your $52 sale is $10.40, thus you end up receiving $41.60.


Yes, it is. Fiverr is allowed to make a profit on all sales you make as well. After all, you are conducting your freelance business here on their site.


This discussion starts and gets closed every other week.

Yes, it is fair and you signed up for it by agreeing to the TOS when you signed up to this platform.

Have fun reading all the following comments that have been made over and over again the last weeks and month.


If you type “Fiverr’s 20% commission” in the search bar above you will find numerous posts on the subject which may be of interest to you.

of course it is fair if you don’t want to use there platform go some where else they make it pretty clear that they are taking 20%

i also got $9.60 in one order

Paying Fiverr 20% is much cheaper than paying rent and utilities at a brick and mortar store. :office: