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Fiverr takes a cut of our tips?!?

okay, i’m new here.

i can accept that fiverr takes 20% of our fees… but our tips?!?

restaurant and bar owners don’t take a cut of their workers tips (the government does that).

i don’t mind giving them a cut of my fees but they should keep their hands off my tips!

not acceptable!

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Actually you’re wrong good and well reputation restaurants also either split your tip or you have to give out some percentage to them too.

tip is still an income right, since you obtained it through fiverr then it’s normal that they would charge some commission rate. Hey put it this way to get up and running 24/365/year they need to make some m.oney too.

I am happy when I make some bucks, fiverr too and I believe yourself as well. :slight_smile:

cheers and just keep up the great work It will come sooner or later and it will be worth your work.


Without Fiverr you won’t make any sales. I would rather Fiverr take 90% of my income for the work they offer me.

They don’t really have a choice on that. I was upset too when I first saw it, but without that there would be unethical sellers who would abuse the tip system. It’s better to have a tip system with the same commission taken than to have no tip system.

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Some sellers are very smart, they will ask their customers to pay for a basic 5$ gig for a order worth 25$ to start the order here on Fiverr and then when they submit the work they will ask the customer to leave a 20$ tip for the full payment. Paying just 1$ to fiverr when they deserves 5$. I don’t know about other seller but I would apply my brain and do this so it’s better what fiverr system is for the tip.

And on a serious note Fiverr deserve a tip from us sellers that they have provided us customer who is paying us more than what we asked for. Any way around fiverr deserves to have that 20%.

No tips without fiverr—be happy they allow you to keep 80%.

Hey Bro, I am saying the same thing, as you do.
But fiverr may think that sellers may cheat… by asking customers to pay them the big part of the money in the tip area…while the order made is for $5.

But in my opinion, as a seller… I wouldn’t trust a buyer to pay me in a tip after he/she collect the order… so I don’t see why fiverr would want to think that.

Just my opinion. Irie Blessings… Jamaica love to the world.

I joined a site where the commissions are 5%. But guess what? I haven’t gotten a single order. So you got to look at the bottom line, do you want to pay 20% of something or 5% of nothing?

Reply to @fastcopywriter: My sister is on one where the buyers post their jobs and she has to bid on a job. The buyers may be willing to pay more than here, but they got tons of responses. It costs her $3 to bid on one job and she hasn’t made a sale so far so that money can go down the drain fast. I’m encouraging her to try Fiverr too - at least we don’t pay commission until we actually make a sale!

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This is ridiculous! I got a $20 tip for my customer service and a immediately lose 20% of that? Fiverr should only take a fee from gigs not our tips!:angry:

Lo and behold, the revival of a three-year-old thread!

Also, this argument has been made time after time. The reason they don’t is because it would enable people to cheat the system and ask for payment in tips instead so they don’t have to pay the cut.


I think Fiverr should consider about tips

You’re off-topic. We’re talking about tips.