Fiverr takes a % of Your Tip for Promoted Gigs


Anyone else find is troubling that Fiverr takes the same percentage on a tip from the promoted gig as the original order? It’s like a restaurant owner taking part of a tip to a waiter.

Fiverr, change this disgusting policy and give the seller the tip. You are already taking 20%, which I find troubling enough.


The promoted gig is optional. If you find it disgusting, then simply don’t use it.



Fiver is welcome to 20% of my tips.
It’s a bargain.


Yes that’s little frustrating as their fees are 20% even on tips.IMHO they really need to reconsider the percentage policies with tips and extras. maybe 10% will be a good bargain but as of now for me i think it’s worth it as it brings you qualified clients.


There are two main opinions:

  • the sellers who get the most sales and maybe have some gigs featured, they will agree with the 20%, maybe even with 50% from everything;
  • the sellers who sell less due to a less visibility in searches from an untransparent policy, they agree with you: that 20% is already too much, and taking a commission from tip is outrageous.

I suppose you feel the Fiverr policy, to take a commission from everything, is right or wrong, according to what side you’re in present…

ps: I hope you’ll read this message before some bad behavior TRSs will flag it to get it hidden…


Yes, I agreed! Fiverr should never charge a commision on a tip.


Would you rather pay commission on tips or receive no tips at all?


this is not a right way to get a commission on the tip.

Tip means Tip!


I don’t see how that would be possible with bookkeeping. We can be glad that Fiverr came up with this feature.

When I started the feature didn’t exist. It helps us generate more money. I don’t know why so many of you are complaining.

Maybe if it would be optional would you opt out? Probably not?


If Fiverr stopped charging commission on tips then people could just start using the tip as their primary mode of payment to avoid commissions.

It’s alright to pay 20%, it’s a worthy tax. It’s money they are charging for creating an ecosystem which finds you a buyer for your services. It’s a finder’s fee. That the symbiotic model of operating.

If they didn’t take 20% on the tips as well, people could just send a 5$ custom offer and ask the buyer to pay the rest as tip. That way the seller gets to offer their services for a cheaper rate, the buyer gets services at a cheaper rate, but Fiverr gets nothing so the ecosystem collapses. That’s the parasitic model of operating.

All of us have a vested interest in Fiverr making a profit, yes profit, not just ‘break even’ money, but profit. They use this money for marketing and lead generation.

In addition to the social media campaigns which they run, Fiverr has its own affiliate program which pays money to people who refer leads and new buyers to the Fiverr platform. This affiliate commission is what they pay upfront out of their pocket. Our 20% compensates for this lead generation cost, among other things. If sellers just want Fiverr to take just bare minimum commission required for bare minimum costs (servers, employee salaries), then there is no surplus to spend on marketing.

The benefits of paying 20% trickle down to us in indirect ways as it is used to grow the platform.


You are so right. I didn’t think of that.

Sucks. I wish there was a way for a tip to be a tip. But I get there is no way to monitor that.

Now you got me thinking of a solution. Hmmm.


Totally Agree. With you…!


Now I understand. Why Fiverr charging on tip.thankyou.


> If Fiverr stopped charging commission on tips then people could just start using the tip as their primary mode of payment to avoid commissions.

Really? This is disinformation!


I really do not understand why people have such an issue with the fees.
If you don’t get value for your money here then go to the site that gives you better value, or build your own. The reality is that the amount of traffic Fiverr generates justifies the fees especially when you consider that there are no up front fees and no real barriers to start selling. I would like to see a tiered fee system where perhaps the first $500 is at 20%, the next $500 is 15% and over that is 10%.

As for fees on tips, @silkroute said it well above. Sellers would start asking buyers to pay $5 and the balance in tips - Buyers would soon learn how to use this too and ask sellers to do it. The forum would be full of posts by sellers who agreed to deals like this and they would talk about how a buyer “ripped them off” or “scammed them”. Of course they would not mention how they tried to do the same to Fiverr and got burned.


I’m tagging all the wonderful people who have expressed interest in mitigating our losses to the Fiverr commission in one way or another. @eoinfinnegan has suggested a layered system, which is a fantastic idea, here’s my contribution to the idea pool :

Fiverr has a lesser known affiliate program of its own, which is a CPA program which pays around 17$ per lead we refer to Fiverr. Even if the person you refer buys only 5$ worth of gig in his first purchase, the referrer is paid much more than that, since the commission is based on the quality of the lead based on niche and other things. As a seller, if you also have online presence elsewhere, like a blog or social media, you can promote Fiverr affiliate links. The money that Fiverr pays its affiliates comes from the 20% commissions that we pay. Being an affiliate yourself is a good way to reclaim that money in the most elegant way possible.

Getting just one referral will offset the 20% commission you pay on 17 gigs! that’s something!

@nipisingh @rjkacha @designinc @byteknights @misscrystal

Do check out the Fiverr affiliate page.

Others who have had success being a Fiverr affiliate, could you please share the nitty gritty with us? thanks!



Nice suggestions!

Can you post the link to the affiliate page please? Thanks


Yep that was what came into my mind as well. but i dont think so people would take this risk because it can also happen that a buyer can run away after having the order complete without giving tip.



It’s just that … it would be a way for abusers of fiverr to “game the system” …

I dont agree with taking 20% of anyone’s earnings until the sellers get more support from bad buyers.
Hands down … and this goes back to the transparency of the reviews sytem in one way or another anyway.

Something has to give on this front … I think 2017 brings this sort of change…
(Not in the 20% ,but in the reviews system or support structure)

Personally I think 20% is ok up until a certain point (so fiverr can retain some kind of bottom line)…
But when you creep up to a $200 order and get $160 for it …
That’s ludicrous to anyone but those who fancy getting harvested. And red heads. (you know who you are)