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Fiverr takes five dollars from a 20 dollar gig extra? [ARCHIVED]


That’s kind of crap, isn’t it? It tells me I earned 20 dollars on my 25 dollar total…

That’s absolute BS. It’s one gig. Should keep their usual dollar like a normal gig.


Honestly, I just feel bad that he put another 50 dollars to put on rush and it’s basically just lining their pockets… smh


Reply to @animusargentis:

Sure I get it. However, I’ve owned and run several businesses for over 45 years, and in every one of them, there’s always been some sort of middle man, making their percentage. it’s worth it.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: I’ve always dealt directly with customers. Paying a middle man is foreign to me.


20% is less than some of the booking agents, referral services and online casting services I’ve used. Plus I get paid in 14-17 days, not 30/60 or 90.


Reply to @madmoo:

Well said. How I see it, although the 20% hit may seem steep, we’re getting a lot of exposure to customers here, we get to work on our own terms, and we get paid pretty fast. I’m making more here than I would be if I were just sitting on my behind, and I get to do the hours at my own pace, so it’s a pretty good trade off in my opinion.


im on another site and they take 50%. But I don’t have to talk to customers, Don’t have to deal with negative feedback. I make the content I want and people just buy it indefinitely. 20% is nothing


I guess there should be something like lesser commission from TOP sellers like the lvel 2’s and TOP rated sellers.

Like for basic sellers - 20%

level 2’s - 15%


Wouldn’t that be better? because people will be more happier and it will also encourage the non-serious sellers to become into higher level sellers, which is obviously good for fiverr.

And yea 20% is not TOO MUCH, but just an idea of what can me good (my opinion)


this is what i pointed in my thread too. 20% is too much and it pains more when you see no better services from them.

lets say 20% is ok but sellers must have option to increase their gig price [its fixed 5$]

with each increase in level we can add more extra and for each and every gig+extra we have to pay 20% and here they make the real money.

2 important improvements needed

  1. more flexibility in price of a gig
  2. charging per gig based

    i have seen many services having price more than 5$ and same being charged by seller forces the customer to buy the same gig several times which generate good profit to fiverr employees but is a loss of seller.


Quick question: Why would Fiverr want to lower their commissions?

There are 2 million+ gigs here, with more sellers signing up every day. With very few ever bothering to leave even if they’re not happy with how things operate. A business usually only makes changes when there is more money to be had. As the saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.


Fiverr markets us, deals with the finance, an amazing platform to work from, a solid app – and where ELSE are you going to find this huge range of buyers?? I’m happy to let fiverr take 20%.


Excuse you.

You are using THEIR site, THEIR bandwith, THEIR interface, THEIR service. You are basically paying rent for the virtual space you’re occupying. How is this any different than paying rent in a physical location to sell your goods?

People need to stop being so entitled. If you don’t want anyone taking your money, then make your own site and sell from there. But right now, you’re paying rent.


Reply to @rajin90: I think that if sellers had the option to increase their price, the name fiverr would lose its meaning. The company’s logo is services you can get for 5$. If everyone could change that sum the site would lose its purpose and just be another online marketplace.


@maromano yup i know and this is why didn’t put those lines mentioned by you in my comments.

problem is when someone buy gig+extra 20% commission on extra is also charged. they treat it as 2 transactions. 2nd many gigs are 10$+ worth and i have seen seller clearly mentioning in their description that buyers required to buy this gig this no. of times to get the job done . why? because seller can’t go beyond the price of 5 and all in all it brings more revenue to fiverr.

rent is good thing and we all pay it and have no problem but excessive rent is clearly a problem.


1-buckoff 5$ is like 20%

20% is still 20%

Numbers don’t matter percentage does.

madmoo said: Excessive or not, they are the landlords.

At least there's no security deposit. ;)


Think of it this way. How much would it have cost you to market yourself and get a similar client? Most people sink hundreds in and most of the time lose money when it comes to advertising. Fiverr takes 20% but brings the clients to you in most cases and it doesn’t cost you a penny until an actual sale is made(Making it almost 100x more cost effective than PPC or most any other kind of marketing.). Not only that, but they take the risk for any potential user both buyer and seller on their account. This helps to make sure that even if you get a stubborn buyer/seller, you won’t have your funds tied up or frozen in any manner. Some places even charge a monthly fee and on top of that additional monthly fees if you host your own pages. Essentially, that is why some sheer volume sale users use this website rather than running their own as in essence, it’s cheaper and you make more money from micro transactions than you would landing that big client and spending more advertising money just to land them.

This is how I look at it, and so I personally feel the fee is quite fair. Just keep in mind their expenses of not only server hosting but advertising costs, potential legal costs, branding costs(separate from advertising.) and others we’re probably not even aware of.


Reply to @freelancemm: I figured out how to market with FB years ago. Fiverr is a side project. I used FB to make my first 100,000 dollars when I was seventeen. I never spent a dime on advertising.


Reply to @mcromano: It’s snake oil - they have 100 employees - who hardly do anything except answer CS - and that’s on rare occasions, they often take up to two weeks to get back to people. They keep the moderation of the forum to ‘sheriffs,’ who are volunteers and get paid nothing - Fiverr doesn’t do anything with it.

Bandwidth doesn’t cost much. Servers are automated. The system is automated. Payment is automated. Screwups in payment they delegate to paypal and payoneer, they don’t handle it themselves.

They don’t advertise you - you earn automated ratings as you go through sales - which don’t go anywhere if you don’t push them for yourself. They might pick a few featured and TRS’ now and then. But it’s been up five years, six years now? And they have a hundred employees? Do you see hundreds of TRS? No. So what do they do? Probably take an algorithm to choose the highest rated people with the most feedback, pare it down and ‘handpick’ one. Probably once a month.

I’ve been in Web Design for ten years. All said and done, this site probably costs eh, 10,000 a year to run. Tops. Probably closer to 5000. I could finance it with pocket change every tax return. 20% is ridiculous and a pocket lining technique. It works because most of the people here think like you and imagine Web Design and upkeep to cost exorbitant amounts of money.

They then have all the money they make from ads on their mobile apps.

Let’s put it this way… How much do you really think this site costs to run? My personal business website costs me 300 dollars a year to keep up and brings in over 100,000 a year for me. That’s a 33,333% return investment. Now, imagine if I tacked on 20% to each sale I made for ‘upkeep and convenience costs.’ That’s another 6666% profit on top of everything else - for nothing at all.

Take in the fact that there are MILLIONS of gigs offered here and they take 20 percent off the top, and you end up with a profit margin that goes beyond greedy and leaps into ‘stupid land.’ Every one of their employees makes a high range 6 digits a year doing basically nothing.

You related it to rent - then think of it this way - if Fiverr were a landlord, they would charge you roughly 1000 a month for you to live in an economy apartment - where your kitchen has one burner and connects to your living room and bathroom… You have no bedroom and your only piece of furniture that can fit is an armchair. Not too pleasant, eh?


Reply to @madmoo: well said :slight_smile: