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Fiverr taking 1$ for paypal transfer now?

Hi guys.

I noticed that fiverr transferred 49 instead of 50$ from my fiverr account to paypal, I clearly had 50$!

What happened to that 1$? A new way to milk money from us?

When I first transferred to paypal, that didn’t happen, is that new?

That is paypal fee. Paypal is taking 2% of every transaction till 50$. Anything about 50$ will always be 1$

And this information is in the Fiverr Terms of Service that you said you’d read and understood when you created an account, even though the fee is charged by Paypal, not Fiverr. They tell us the usual fees charged by Paypal or Payoneer so there’s no misunderstanding.

I had a higher amount transferred before and they did not charge anything. No Paypal fee there, thats why I was confused now and arty182925’s post makes sense to me.

And I checked again, no paypal fee transaction is in my overview and not in the transaction itself, the 1€ just disappeared somewhere. Normally you’d see its a paypal fee.

So it’s totally weird… But I guess I’m asking the wrong people here.

paypal takes the $1

i think they do that to every up to $100, i think.

thats why i would just wait until i get $100 in my account and withdraw so that I dont loose much money, especially that I am british and I use pounds the bank to paypal transfer from dollars to pounds takes money.

I also try to wait for the pound to go up or down so that I get the most of it.

Reply to @haruhi: The transaction fee is taken out before the money goes into your Paypal account, but it’s Paypal’s fee, not “disappeared”. This is from the Fiverr Terms of Service, when you click on “Fiverr’s Withdrawal Options”:

Paypal 2 % of the sum withdrawal amount up to $1

Important notice regarding fees:

The fees listed above are PayPal’s or MasterCard’s fees. These are not fees charged by Fiverr.

If you really think Fiverr has stolen your money AND that they’re lying in their Terms of Service, then maybe you should consult a lawyer.

"Hi, just want to bump in this thread because I have also the same issue. I transferred $54 but what went through paypal is only $51, that’s $3 missing.

Now, while reading this thread I learned that paypal only charges 2% or $1 for every transfer regardless of the amount. But why I was charged ~6%?"

My bad. I only transferred $52. It seems all well now.

It was always that way and it is good that they are charging 1$ for mass payment fee. because of that, paypal doesn’t cut additional charges from the received amount. otherwise imagine echeque fees that are being charged by paypal. which is like 3$ for 50 bucks that we get from echeque. so I never prefer echeque.