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Fiverr taking down gigs when competitors report them!

So I just got the most ridiculous email ever from Fiverr team. I find it very unfair of fiverr to take down peoples gigs just because a third party reported the gig. The least they can do is open a conflict resolution claim and investigate the matter. I am losing out on potential sells as I speak.

see email I got from fiverr below:

Hi chicagowriter,

We need you to update your Gig: write unique incredible and convincing product reviews so that it passes our content review.

This Gig was removed following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use and/or misleading consumers and has been removed as per our Terms of Service.
As a member of the Fiverr community, we ask you to respect the broader Internet community and refrain from such violations in your Gig offerings.
For more information please read our Terms of Service

The Fiverr Team

Now The thing is I have never plagiarized or copied anything in my whole life as a writer. The text in the gig discription I wrote myself, the gig image I took using my own phone, my own paper, my own pen, my own hand in my own room on my own desk. that is my hand on the picutre.

My guess is some seller so my gig as direct competition so they reported me to fiverr and they pulled down my gig without even investigating.

I want to know how I can find this child of a witch so I can report thier gig too and get it removed. TWO can play that game!

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Could the third party have been Amazon? What in the message that Fiverr sent to you makes you sure that it’s another seller? I had read somewhere that they’re tightening up on the reviews being posted.

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They said “This Gig was removed following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use and/or misleading consumers”

Why would amazon be concerned about my product description and reviews service? it does not compete with them or “infringe on their intellectual property rights” in any way.

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Paid reviews are against Amazon’s Terms of Service. They have sued over 1,000 Fiverr sellers because of them.


Case solved! It turns out that nobody maliciously shut you down after all, so you can put the pitchfork away.

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so they people going around monitoring gigs on fiverr? what evidence do they have that:

  1. the product review is going to be posted on amazon and not the owners website or blog
  2. that I did not review the product before writing the review
  3. there are a lot of companies that give complementary products to consumers so they can get reviews in exchange, they can not be going around saying my work is infringing on their intellectual property!! my writing is not their product, its a product of my intellectual being.

how is it case solved? I don’t get it, Fiverr still won’t tell me who flagged my gig and which part of my gig " infringed on their intellectual property" it’s sickening to me as a writer to be told that I am infringing on someone’s intellectual property. Fiverr should explain.

Everything I write and deliver is based on hard research and my own opinions, this is maltreatment at its peak…including you saying the case is solved!

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I’m just guessing what happened. However, if it really was Amazon that complained to Fiverr about your gig, you can be certain that Fiverr would shut down the gig ASAP, instead of risking a lawsuit.

Also, it wasn’t necessarily infringing someone’s intellectual property, you said yourself that it could have been violating terms of use (if it’s paid Amazon reviews, it’s definitely violating their terms).

If you wish to offer reviews, perhaps you could specify in the gig description that the reviews are to be used on the owner’s blog or website only, or someplace where it won’t violate anyone’s terms of use.

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People only pay for Google and Amazon reviews or social media likes and friends. Nobody pays for reviews for their own website which they could create and post themselves.

The fake review days of Fiverr are over. Big companies like Amazon and Google complain to Fiverr. Sorry, just the way it is.

Paid reviews are not allowed by Amazon even if they are honest and the product was tried. Complimentary products are watched closely. Regardless, Amazon can actually complain to Fiverr if you just use their company name in a gig.

From the message you got, the 3rd party is a business (like Amazon) and not another seller. Just avoid gigs that involve a 3rd party business and you’ll be fine.

I agree with you, but I think when the Amazon name is used, the trigger gets pulled easily. I’d suggest saying that the reviews are to be used on the owner’s blog or website only, but not mention any company. Leaving words like Amazon or Goodreads or Yelp.out entirely helps keep the gig up.

To the OP - these aren’t my rules but you aren’t going to get anywhere fighting a battle with the big companies. I had to take down a legit gig with the word Kindle in it. You adapt or you leave.

It’s not Fiverr policy to give you that info, ever. They got a complaint, they looked and decided the complaint was reasonable. There isn’t anything you can do but this has been mentioned all over the forums, it’s nothing new. You’ll just have to sell something else or not use trigger words.

Thank you for the tip, I did not use the word Amazon on the gig but I will try to specify that the reviews are ti be used on their own websites and blogs.

Amazon is going to war on paid reviews and fiverr complies with their terms of service. So the case is solved. It sounds like you don’t understand.

When I say they are going to war I mean no holds barred all out war! You were caught in that war.

The reason as to why the gig was pulled is solved, and furthermore you have plenty of advice on how to progress if you still want to write reviews. You could continue to rave about how Fiverr should explain etc, but you’d just be wasting your time. One of my first gigs was reviews for Amazon that got booted about a month later. I just shrugged and made a new one. Which then turned out to be my most successful one to date, so just… ya know, adapt.

Thank you all for your comments, I got a response from customer support here it is:

Hi again,

We received feedback and the service you had offered is not currently in our editorial focus and guidelines.and will not appear in our search results. You are more than welcome to submit new Gigs and offer new and unique services for future evaluation by our editorial team.

There’s a saying around where I come from that goes like this: “It’s not enough to be doing the right thing, you have to look like you’re doing the right thing.”

So even if you were never going to post an Amazon review, it didn’t look that way. And, if you browse through the forums, the Terms of Service, and do a little Googling, I think you’ll find that there are things which Fiverr shuts down hard because of other sites. Selling reviews is shut down because Fiverr can’t fight Amazon and others, chargebacks via Paypal get a buyer banned because Fiverr can’t lose partnership with Paypal, and I’m sure there are plenty of other examples. I understand you being upset, but to be perfectly honest: you aren’t going to win in a fight against Fiverr; very few (if any) sellers have that kind of leverage.

I’ve seen a number of your posts on the forums – you seem to be struggling a fair bit as a new seller and are quite vocal about it. I might suggest you take a day or two to thoroughly research Fiverr and the writing market so you can better yourself/profile/gigs and come back swinging instead of complaining.

Hi, @chicagowriter, I know how it is like to struggle, so I won’t comment negatively here. But please understand you must not get angry all the time and behave like the world is against you. No it is not. The world is the same for everyone, you are not special. You will have to work within this world like everyone else. Whatever happens, whether you fail or succeed, it’s down to you. Don’t expect any favors, and don’t believe for a second that anybody is out to get you. Hope you take this advice in the right spirit.

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Actually you are wrong. Being vocal does not mean one is struggling. Check my gigs Im doing very well actually.

Thanks but im not struggling, i just had an unfair situation and after talking and being interviewd by fivver editorial team im happy to say its been rectified and my gig has been put back online. Fiverr says they did not have a listing for ‘product descriptions’ so they will review it in the coming weeks. Meanwhile I will continue with the cliché gigs and make $5 sales:-)

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