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Fiverr taking too much money?

Just finished a $125 job. A 20% cut of this is simply $100. But I received less than that. Here’s a pic:

What’s going on here? My other gigs are giving me the right amount of money, is there something I’m not seeing?


There is something going on that a lot of people are complaining about.

Total amount same???
Now fiverr updated that why create a this problem. Don’t worry. Carry on your work.

I think the $95.20 might be your local currency while the $125 - 20% is in USD.


For every 5 Dollar order, I get 3.54 Euro

This is kind of upsetting to think about… :thinking:

USD is my local currency, deldawn9, and for your statement to be true the conversion rates would have to doctored in Fiverr’s favor, which is a problem in itself.

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May want to contact Customer Support if you haven’t already about this.