Fiverr taking too much $!


I’m grateful for Fiverr and for helping me make some money on the side. But I just finished an $85 gig and my profit was only $68. That’s $17 gone! Do you really need to take that much money from us?? Ridiculous.


There are other sites with a similar business model employed by fiverr that charge a monthly fee in addition to a percentage of any monies received from your client. The 20% charge fiverr requests is very reasonable when you take this into consideration.


i agree…the only bad thing about fiverr is it deducts alot…on $40 i receive 32…all the pains we take and fiverr deducts so much.


p.s. in my case (selling blog posts) I registered to 10 forums and checked if someone is in a need of posts. So I needed like 1 hour a day just to check forums and message people who are buying posts. That takes some time and 90% of messages are without answer. Then also setting threads, bumping them, giving review copies etc… I was able to make like $150 profit per month. Of course was selling with bigger price.

Right now I make around $200 profit per month without investing time. My writer taking and delivering orders. I just come online to click “withdraw” button :). Of course from time to time I help if some issues happen and if I see new message first I reply it myself. But that is stress free work.


Yes, I agree. 20% of a $5 job is not a big deal, but when we sellers are upselling 50 - 100 dollar jobs, it becomes a really big chunk of change. And trying to pass that cost burden onto the client is just not good business. I think fiverr really needs to modify it’s commission rates to some kind of progressive schedule. For instance, fiverr takes a smaller percentage for higher paying jobs.


I think 20% is OK.


I think if you try to setup a website for your services, pay to drive traffic to it, pay for SEO, pay for advertising and so on, you’re going to pay far more than you pay to Fiverr without having 1/10.000 of the users visiting this site…

But this is just my opinion…


i agree with @mark74 it will take alot of money and effort to create and manage a website. Fiverr does all that for you. For all the traffic they provide me with i dont mind the fee.


All good points. Though once you set up your site and establish yourself the only fee would be the monthly hosting. Or you could just use a free blog service.


On a long run, if you plan big and serious business this 20% is a LOT. So you could create your company website, make a marketing plan and work hard 2-3 years until you get buyers and stable source of orders.

But 20% is not much for people who do not want to bother with all of that. You just set up your gig and thousands of potential customers will find you easily. So you practically need 10 minutes to start your own business.


I can relate to the person who created this post. I had to do an additional 4 projects for someone to make up for the missing $17.


I have no problem with Fiverr taking 20%. It is what they do with that 20% that bothers me. Stop with all the new featured bugs already and spend some money on CS.


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: if what you’re selling on Fiverr isn’t worth the $4 ($8, $12, etc.) that you’re actually paid for the work, then you’re offering too much for too little money. It’s your responsibility to make sure the work is worth your time. That may sound harsh, but Fiverr isn’t making anyone offer any amount of work for $5. The $5 is rigid (for now), but what you offer for it isn’t.

Aren’t making enough money to make the work worth your time? Lower the amount of work you offer for $5.


Reply to @jesterbaby: So, now you have an additional $68 and paid an additional $17.
1 $80 Gig or 16 $5 Gigs, the Commission is the same.


I think it would be wiser for the fee to vary depending on the amount of the gig.
Could I be right?


Fiver already does this. Fiverr keeps 20% of every sale on Fiverr, you – the seller – keeps 80%. This is a fantastic deal, and I doubt Fiverr will change it so that you can keep more than that.


yes i Agreed 20% is little bit High amount as a Fee What do you say @hannanhoney


Fiverr is a quality platform and quality things are expensive. Fiverr promotes us in the best possible way. If you sell your services in your own site you have to pay for hosting, design, SEO optimization, etc. It will cost you much more than the commission fee here. Plus, here you get noticed. If you are struggling by yourself it is much harder.


It’s not high at all. In fact, I work with another website/company, as a designer, in which I get to keep only 10-20% of every sale, and the company keeps the other 80-90%.

I guarantee… Fiver is a great deal. Just because YOU don’t like the 20% fee, does not make it a bad deal, or a “little bit high amount as a fee”.


Fiverr gives you the chance to freelance without any risk whatsoever. They promote your gig on their platform and you only pay them when you make a sale. Seems fair enough to me.