Fiverr Tax Question? (1099 form)


It is tax season for US, anyone know how to file the income from Fiverr; I know we need to file 1099 form, but I am not sure if Fiverr sending out 1099 form or not (it would be great if they do). However, if not, does anyone have any idea how to fill out the 1099 form online. It requires “Payer’sIdentification No” or Payer’s federal EIN, what do we put there?


I am going to check in on this post, didnt make enough money since just started in november, my understanding is that you have to earn a min of 600 dollars…anyway good question and hope we get a good answer :slight_smile:


yep, i earned more than that last year, so want check if anyone know the process.


And i have contact fiverr support, see if they knows… still waiting.


I see, but most of them did not real address the issue. Thanks though.

The issue is that Fiverr is not US based, so they don’t require to have EIN, but we, as US resident, need to file the income, just wondering how did anyone who made over 600 file tax return last year.


I am curious as well. Any US Fiverr sellers know the answer to this?


um… fiverr support doesn’t know either; any US Fiverr that began selling in 2011? how did you file the tax with the income from Fiverr? (or don’t file at all? lol… I don’t want take that risk)


This is a great question. Isn’t there a way to file a 1099 msc form for miscellaneous income that doesn’t have an ein? This is personal income, so you can probably consider it income under your own Soc Sec number also.

(I’m NOT an accountant, so if someone has better info, please correct me)


actually this will be considered as self-employment income, so we will need to pay both employer tax and employee tax, double taxation … : (


I 2nd wordpress_seo - this is self employment income - that means you can deduct relevant expenses though, but do your research - some deductions (like home office) can increase your likelihood of an audit


You need an EIN only if you have a qualified retirement plan or

are required to file an employment, excise, alcohol, tobacco, or

firearms tax return, are a payer of gambling winnings, or are filing

Form 1041 for an estate or trust.

A Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is a nine-digit number, which is either an Employer Identification Number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or a Social Security number assigned by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

So don’t worry if you earned more than $600 you can fill 1099misc. As you will be filling under self-employed head you qualify for some deduction.

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Former tax accountant here, however I should add a disclaimer that what I write is not formal legal / tax advice:

If you have earned less than $600 you are still legally required to report your income, however Fiverr is not legally obligated to send you a 1099.

If you are self-employed, you do have to fill out your income (no matter how low it may have been for 2012) on a Schedule C (self employment) form when filing your taxes. This form allows you to deduct any applicable business expenses and then calculates your self-employment tax.

Again, in no way is what I wrote above formal legal / tax advice. All information can be found by reading the letter of the law from the IRS, also there are some Fiverr gigs I’ve found that offer tax advice. I recommend looking for a gig offered by an EA (IRS Enrolled Agent).


Thanks for all inputs. @zulualpha . Yes, audits on self-employment deductions is rising, I have to be very careful on that.


I sell on Etsy and to private customers through PayPal so I’m over the $20k mark which means I not only get a 1099 but PP sends info to the IRS. I do this work in a partnership so I self-report in a K-1. If you’re below the $20k threshold I don’t know if you get a 1099 from PP but as I understand they don’t report under $20k account accumulations in a year to IRS.


Hi everyone,

I just jumped in the conversation. Any conclusions on what to do? Is there a form like W2 that Fiverr provides to the seller with their income information?


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No you are responsible of keeping track of your income. Fiverr doesn’t issue any tax forms.