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Fiverr Tax System?

I saw that I was paid 20 dollars by a buyer. I received $16. From this I conclude that Fiverr taxs $1 for Every $5 earned so you technically earn $4.

So does this mean that if i sell something for a $100, I will recieve $80?


Fiverr takes 20% commission.

Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works. Everything is explained there in great detail.


What you are referring to is their cut, not a tax.

You’re required to read and understand the ToS when you register. It is all explained there.


you are right dear:)

Don’t call me Dear. It’s really annoying to have to keep asking people to stop calling me that or ma’am.


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If you call people who don’t know you “friend”, they might feel like you’re trying to sell them something, probably something they have no wish to buy.


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Tips what you get also takes 20%

With people from different cultures, not everyone will be aware of it, and some could lose clients (or make them feel suspicious) if they call them that.

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That not tax.It is service tax of fiverr. com
They give high platform for working . So take service charge of 20 %. I think this not a big amount

Definetly not, and u dont need spend your own money to advertise your skills or anything else.
I pay for Adobe 60$ a month just to be sure to get to the client the best what i could.

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First covid now terms and conditions.

If u dont like it, dont be here. Do you watch a movie if you dont like it, nope you dont.

TOS or terms and conditions were here years before COVID-19. Also, when you signed up for Fiverr you ticked the :black_square_button: box that said you had read tTOS so they should not be new to you.


90% of new sellers doesnt even try to read, they always click accept. Even there would be selling your kids or anything else. And then complain about what they didnt read


I guess it depends on where you reside. Don’t always expect that the general use of a word in your environment will be the same with others’. It’s nearly the same English but we live in different parts of the world. Level of tolerance in various environments differ. In the part of the world where I live. How do people use the word “dear”? - it is just a friendly gesture. People use it almost indiscriminately. Especially older women, they use it for virtually every young folk. It definitely has no link with being manipulative or romantic. However, irrespective of your culture, so you won’t come off as rude or manipulative, It’s much better to avoid the use of such words unless you are 100% sure that the person on the receiving side is absolutely convenient with it.


Sounds like they took 20% to me… which is their commission

They will definitely be paying taxes from that 20% cut also, which is indirectly coming from freelancers. I’m not insinuating that you don’t pay taxes. Every citizen has the responsibility to pay taxes.

It doesn’t sound like they take 20% commission. They do take 20% commission. Fact

As one or two more enlightened people here have added it pays for the massive support structure that goes into providing this platform, which in turn allows us freelancers to advertise our skills and receive work.