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Fiverr Team include new option

What do you think this option.I thin good for new sellers to get review.


Personally, I don’t like it - it’s just another thing I have to do…

What’s wrong with the old way of doing things, that seemed perfectly fine to me.


why would they add this option . :thinking:

Instead they could have added the option that order will not be started unless its approved by you and if you are unable to response with in 24 hours the funds will be returned back to buyer.


Very interesting development. :thinking:

I’ve got an order waiting to be delivered. But I’m not seeing this message when I click Deliver Completed Work.

Another beta thingy?

Seems like a bunch of extra steps. Remind the Buyer (what is this baby daycare?) then I choose to complete the order myself? Come on Fiverr. I actually liked the automation of things.

Edit: (3) days is more than enough time for Buyers to review their order. I wouldn’t feel inclined to give them additional days to ponder on it, that just delays my pending funds and create unwanted hassles.


So, what will happen when buyers know the sellers could choose to not autocomplete an order, it might become the new standard to expect that from sellers, buyers could take their gooood time if the seller does not complete the order… or get irate when the seller does complete the order “I had no time to check yet” and leave a rage review.

And yes, I don’t want that additional step on my mind.


Just out of interest, is this something you have actually seen when delivering an order? Has anyone else seen this?


I see it now. Now I deliver my order and see this.

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What is this? Not auto-completing, is Fiverr suggesting that I have to go back through potentially loads of orders each week to check and see if it is completed or else I won’t see the funds released, please tell me this is some mock-up someone did, what purpose does this serve?


Can anybody else confirm this change? Or only the cool kids got this one, too?

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yes, I agree. But I think someone new seller need to good review for rank their profile.

This is just for marking orders as completed, not making reviews on them (as that would be fake ones).

I’m still seeing this as of today. I haven’t noticed a change to the order being marked as complete.

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do you see the message early? I see this today. 1 hours ago

There’s nothing cool about this.

Buyers who need indefinite time to check what they’ve received will now blame sellers for marking the order as completed.


This will end badly…


Exactly, it now shifts the blame from a feature on Fiverr that is standard to the seller. Now buyers can state “I was going to get back to you within a week, why did you mark it as complete?” (Bad review ensues)…


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Can we just keep the autocomplete? :frowning_face:


I concur

It’s giving them more time to fiddle-fart around. (sorry, that’s an old saying in my household)

This is definitely…

Chatted with other Sellers who are not seeing this change. Let us hope it doesn’t amount to anything! :crossed_fingers:t4:


This is a terrible idea. I have a single 1* review from a buyer who thought this was how the system worked the entire time.

I really hope fiverr reconsiders 'cause moving things along quickly is one of the top selling points of the site for me and the whole order’s timer concept doesn’t work for me without it.

That being said, I’ve delivered an order seconds ago and everything looks the same to me yet.

I really don’t know how this new option give us more control.

Is there any seller who dream about completing the order 5, 7, 10, 15, 30… days after the delivery instead of 3 days ?!

I think that Fiverr is the only who dreams about an order completed 5, 7, 10, 15, 30… days after the delivery. They will get the money in their pocket as long as the seller doesn’t complete the order.