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Fiverr team irrationally allowing a buyer to cancel an order after delivery of service

Me a “best seller” has been a victim of a biased decision by Fiverr wherein, the platform allowed a buyer to seek cancellation of his order after I delivered the service. Upon venting my grievance, a member of the Fiverr customer support team conveyed to me that a resolution of the dispute through interaction with the buyer is the path, I should follow. I came to know that another member of the customer support team advised the buyer to go in for a “smaller order” by cancelling the ongoing one.

However, the support team remained mum on the service already delivered by me and what if, it is used by the buyer for his professional gain without paying me anything, a chance, I believe, is more a conviction.


I am wondering how you haven’t seen such issues till now if you have that much experience ?

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Lucikily, my field, in the area of patent, has mostly true inventors most of whom are not of dubious characters.

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