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Fiverr team is living in the 19th century

It’s the 21st century and they are replying like 19tes. What is this? I know most of you are going to reply like “a lot of applications they have that’s why they are replying late”.

I have applied for Pro. They replied after 20 days “please attach this and that” and I sent everything as per their email.

And now again I am just waiting for their reply. The issue is that “who knows when they reply? is this professional behavior?” The seller will be mentally disturbed till the reply. I think there should be a time limit or anything which makes the seller relax.

Do you agree with me or not?


This Fiverr Team is running a little slow on responses due to the pandemic. They do take some time to respond to requests, but I assume they’re trying their best!

Anyways, good luck on becoming a Pro seller and keep working hard!!


Thanks for the wishes…


That seems like a bit of an exaggeration.

I understand they are slow to respond but you need to understand that there are certain categories that have filled their quota (remember only 0,1% is accepted) and are not processing applications for them right now.

Could they handle communication a bit better?

Most definitely.

Should you stress over it?

No, you shouldn’t.

There are a lot of things you can do to improve yourself, and applying for Pro should be a lot further down your list.

Seems like the amount of distress and frustration you are currently feeling, may not be due to lack of a reply.

Could be because you have somehow raised your expectations, or because you think you need this to improve.

It will bring great relief if you focus on what you have on your hands right now, and grow as a freelancer by improving your profile and gigs.


If this is causing you grief I’d hate to see how you handle difficult Buyers should you become a TRS.

Why don’t you send complaints to Fiverr CS?

That’ll speed up their decision on you.

Be grateful, not grating.


Thanks for the reply… I totally agree with you. Thanks again


Overall they say 1% of Pro applicants are accepted. Though they don’t say how many (if any) didn’t need to apply. I think they invite some so they might not need to.


In this case, it’s not about sellers sending tons of requests to Customer Support, and then having to wait for quite a while to get a response.

Those who apply for the Pro program often wait for months to get a response, and it was like that even before the pandemic.


Don’t agree with you. Sorry. Becuse no logic in your words

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There’s nothing in my words to agree or disagree with. I’ve just mentioned a simple fact that those who apply to become Pro sellers often wait for months to get any kind of response.


Please don’t angry. May be you are right… Thanks for being here man.