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Fiverr team move my gig in wrong category

I received a letter today.
We’ve launched a new Sub Category, that’s just perfect for your Gig, so we’ve updated your Gig placement.
And Fiverr team move my gig in the wrong category.
They think that “lottie” and “logo” is the same thing.
How I can fix this?


Welcome to the forum.
Go into the edit option on your gig. (‘Gigs’ tab, drop-down on far right must use desktop)
You can edit sub-category, but not main category.

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I can’t edit sub-category in this GIG only.

Screenshot, please? What do you see? Is there an error message, or is the option simply not there?

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the option is grey (I can’t edit).
My second gig doesn’t have the problem.

Try pausing the gig, then editing.

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It didn’t work :frowning: But thank you for the advice!