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Fiverr Team, Payments sent but order never started?


I just ordered a gig and i paid via bit coin but after payments page you redirected me to the page says

We will email you once order is ready and its 2nd day today i haven’t got any email ■■■■ off i ordered that gigf because it was 24 hours delivery and because of your team i missed my work and even i dint recived a email


Brother, I think it’s your browser problem or fiverr account problem. please create a new account or open from another browser


SMH, Just went to pay for a custom order request i received and after fiverr took the money out of my account, all i got was a grey page saying this:
"We’re working on it.
We’ll email you once your order is ready."
Now the seller cant start working because the order didn’t go through on their end, theres not even an order to start because it didnt go all the way trough, I know I put the correct info because they charge was already on my account, so money gone and no work can get done? Seriously?


OMG it happened again today! Has anyone else had this problem?


Yes I’m having it at the moment. Hopefully someone fixes this bug.


I had this problem today for 3 times in a row. I have tried contacting fiverr support team and yet to hear back from them.

Guys, can you update what happened with your payments?
I hope, you got them back, right?


"Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear that. I forwarded your request to the appropriate department and as soon as we have an update, we will let you know. "

This is what I have got in response from Fiverr Support. I hope that it will be sorted out soon.


Same thing happen to me. Twice actually. once was 3 days ago and now it happened again. My bank account isn’t showing the transaction, but it might be too early (a transaction that went okay isn’t showing as well).


The same is happening with me. Why Fiverr is not getting serious on it?


i am having the same problem…i paid for the order but the seller is not getting the order neither am i getting ther order requirements page after payment…i am stuck…does anyone have a solution to this…my card has already been charged but order not placed.


Please contact customer support for assistance.


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