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Fiverr team please solve the buyers problem

Hi, :slightly_smiling_face:

There are a lot of hassles in buyer request options!

After posting the request, more than 100 sellers bid on the request…

The number of sellers does not understand what the buyers really need. But they bid because the bid is free.

The buyer leaves the Fiverr after this behavior of fake or spam sellers.

I give solution to Fiverr team. Please review this system and improve it like Upwork.

Get .50 cents from buyer who post the request, and get at-least .30 to .40 cents from seller who bid on it.

After that we can control the spam sellers and find some talented persons.

I appeal to Fiverr team, please take action and improve your plate-forum for buyer and seller.



I agree with you. :+1:


I feel that it is not a great idea as some people may have financial problems as some developing countries such as Zimbabwe have a financial crisis and 0.30-40 cents there can be a lot and enough to put food on the table.
Correct me if I am wrong
I have an alternative
Why not fiverr only allot around 10 requests per buyer or maybe more if the buyer wants
Let me know what you think.


If someone use Fiverr anywhere from the world, that mean he/she have smart phone/Laptop or both, As well as the internet connection.

So, they easily afford 5 dollar for get 15 - 20 bids. And after that the buyers can find exact person. Because the seller bid only when they can do his job.


I strongly agree with you.

If Fiverr do this then lot of seller get work, those seller who hide in rush of bids.

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This solution is reasonable and Fiverr can do this in favour of sellers and buyers. :cowboy_hat_face:

Anyone can tag here team members of Fiverr !

I don’t know if you know this or not but Fiverr already has a mechanism in place which limits spamming. Sellers can only bid to 10 requests per day. This is a pretty innovative idea to reduce spamming without costing anyone any money.


I just try to point out why you get 100 sellers bid on the request…

Example: Logo design
In logo design section you will get “156,739 Services available” and everybody has an opportunity for bid. So, 100 bid is not less against of 156,739 seller?

By the way, I think fiverr can some develop this bid section, Like-

  • Cut, copy and paste do not allow. Because most of the new seller do not read the buyer post.

Almost agree with you. At Least in request section needs some real changes that make it free from copy paste bids.

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A seller can send only 10 bids on buyer request section. So I don’t think fiverr should introduce any system which requires sellers to buy bid request.

If you are requesting bid from sellers on graphics designing tasks than you may receive more than 100 requests because there are thousands of sellers offering graphics designing task. But it may not be true to other categories.

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It’s not a great idea. Each time buyer post a request and it charges him/her and buyer will think I can’t even post a request for free. Why? As well as the seller’s thoughts will be same.
Then customers start leaving Fiverr.
And Yes there are too much services in the Graphic Designing Field. That’s why you get too much offers.


There are lots of spam buying requests which are not real. Some requests have website links sending traffic to their website. To limit this kind of acts, I think buyers should be charged for posting a request.

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Ok your point is good.

But now tell me, a person who came on Fiverr to earn, and when he/she sees to pay for making offer he/she will leave. And sending offer to the buyers is a great way to get traffic on the gigs.
Fiverr can introduce a way so that the seller will not be able to send a link in the offer except the allowed links of the portfolio.


I said the charge should apply for the buyer, not seller.

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Oh Sorry My Mistake. :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

There should be monthly amount of offers given to sellers, so sellers dont send offer to everyone. When they know the monthly amount, they will think before sending. This should be done. Amount shouldnt be charged

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This system will not work on Fiverr because On Fiverr there is not only a bid system, people can search your gig and purchase your gig without posting the job or project. If Fiverr implements this system, the buyer will not post a job.

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its a very good idea actually. buys can get real seller who can actually do the work and deliver it…

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Not a good idea at all. Though I respect your opinion.

You must consider Fiverr have sellers from different part of countries having currency differences and they are selling work already at low price to sustain on platform.

Also the fact that many of requests are fake(many people are advertising) and buyer don’t order everytime from the requests.


I agree with you. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: