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Fiverr Team Should Advertise On Facebook & Twitter

Fiverr cuts $1 fees from every gig. They process thousands on orders in every week. If they spend just %10 of this money for advertising the company then the fiverr will become more popular and viral for peoples!

Why fiverr don’t do TV Commercials?
I think if they do it they will get more new buyers and sellers.

Fiverr should start a strong marketing and promotion for making this marketplace more viral.

I didn’t seen TV commercials of Fiverr in TV? Why don’t they advertise on HBO, Star Movies Or Popular TV Channels?

And I have seen their promotion on Facebook & Twitter, But they don’t spend much money for advertise, And I have seen there is little amount of views and audience reach.

They should spend more in TV Commercials and Social Medias.

I see the commercial regularly where I live and I’m not even in a major city. The commercials here run on channels that are targeted to business people, which makes sense to me. People who are only watching TV for movies and such aren’t as likely to buy on Fiverr as those watching business shows.