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Fiverr Teams? Can someone tell me more?

Just been taking a look around the redesigned menu and found that I have a Beta feature, known as a Fiverr Team.

It sounds interesting and I’m wondering more about it. Can anyone tell me more about it. I clicked learn more, but the article is not really answering my question.

It sounds like it relates more to Buyers than to Sellers??? I’m wondering if it’s kind of a “team up with other sellers to offer a bigger project in which each team members offers something to the project.”

For example, I can do video, but my voice is not suitable for a voice over: Wouldn’t it be nice if a team can create a gig that offers both, and then split the profits among the members.

Learn More links to this article:

This feature is aimed at buyers. It is for when a company has a Fiverr account that pays and its employees have accounts which can place orders. Its probably handy for invoicing too.

Sellers can team up if they want to, I know of a group of TRS V/Os who team up so you can have (I think) 4 people doing voice and they edit it too. It is up to the sellers to figure out how that works for them though.