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Fiverr Telemarketing Dispute and solution

Hi all,

I need some help and opinions. So recently i ordered a telemarketing Gig for $60 to call 135 leads for me. I was a little scared at first of whether the calls will actually be made so i put in some safeguards…

So this person agrees to do it for me. She calls me to give a sample call on how she would talk to the leads. I was ok with it except for some pronunciations i needed to correct.

I paid and the gigg started. My instructions were simple:

  • Call the leads tell them about my talk and
  • Update the google spreadsheet

One day went by the google docs had no updates
So i messaged her on the platform

She said ok sure she’ll do it

Another day went by and still no updates on the google docs
I messaged her again
She said she called

So the safeguard i put into the list was have more than 10 friends and partners inside that list spread across to list to know whether they recieved the calls from her. They were supposed to give me an update when she called and also feedback on how she did on the call. None of them received a call. Not even a missed call.

So i messaged her on the fiverr platform again and she said she will re-do it… to myself i was like redo it? i don’t think she even called the list… but ok i’ll let that slide… so the google docs was still not updated.

Then she said she did update but it was not reflected on google docs. I asked my sister to try to type out something on google docs. It worked fine. So last straw i told her that if she really did make the calls i asked her to just send me an excel file of the updates.

Then i went to sleep… next day i work up to a dispute being opened by her claiming that i asked her to do more work. !!!

Before i put out her username i think its fair to ask here what your opinions are. Because of this now i have to hire a local to do speed calling so that all 130+ leads will be informed. Also if i do cancel the order what are the implications? Do i get to leave an honest review? Or is it just cancelled and no one else will know about my experience? And if i do cancel does that mean that the money will go back into my credit card? Any charges?

Apologies this is a pretty long read. Just so you know, i’m just wanting to know all of these so i can be wiser in choosing other giggs next time (Though she did have one positive feedback on her profile, could she have been lazy this time round?)

Please don’t name the seller - it’s against the forum rules. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you check the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page you will find the answers to all of your questions.

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Oh haven’t read the rules. Thanks for letting me know. So what do you think of my situation? I have like 24 hours to accept or decline. Or what else can i do?

I checked and i sent her a copy of the site in the messages too. So after i cancel can is still give her review?

If you cancel and get a refund you won’t be able to leave a review.

In terms of the telemarketing issue, I’m afraid I have no idea. I don’t like unwanted cold calls so I’m probably not the best person to ask.


My list is not cold calling these people know me. So doesn’t that make the system very flawed if i had a bad experience but it will not be reflected on her profile?

No - if everybody was able to leave a review after they’d got a refund no seller would be safe - it would lead to chaos. :slightly_smiling_face:

Could be friendlier if you just contacted them yourself?

Yeah but i have a list of 500 i was going to test her out and then outsource this to her if she was good. At the events i get to shake their hands and talk to them face to face (again i know these people). It’s not the effectiveness i’m going for its the efficiency. Anyways i think i’m going to go ahead and accept the cancel. I shouldn’t waste more time on this…

Thanks for your quick replies though i didn’t think it would be so fast. I mean it was literarily seconds from the time you replied.

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That makes sense!

Good luck with it! :sunny:

There is some logic there but shouldn’t it be also reviewed? I mean now she has one good review there will be others who will use some dollars to try her out again and again.

If I was you, I would just cancel the order and move on to a next seller.
Every cancelled order will impact the seller’s ranking and possibly even their level on this platform, so don’t worry about leaving a negative feedback.

In terms of vetting sellers, I would recommend revising your price range.
135 calls for $60. I’m not sure what kind of quality you’d expect from that. I’m not saying that $60 = cancellation, but I probably wouldn’t trust anyone to call my potential clients for 40 cents.


That’s great advice. Thanks! I just wanted to try out fiverr before anywhere else… but yeah.

I would also suggest that you contact customer support to report the seller’s actions (inaction).
It seems like the seller didn’t “Deliver” the order but even so, they were saying they had done work but clearly hadn’t.

You will lose the “Service fee” that was added to your order and the money will be returned to your Fiverr account balance. If you want to have it returned to your payment source then you need to request this from support.