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Fiverr Terrible customer service

I made an order, actually I think the system accidentally made two orders, but still no order showed. I needed a logo urgently.

So I contacted Fiverr customer service who said that my payment will be processed within 24h, they did not confirm if they will just take one payment, even though I asked them multiple times.

I contacted them again, and asked for $5 compensation so that I can do the fast gig within 1 day, and they just replied with the same message saying that my payment will be taken within 24h. That means it will take 48h!!! Which is the time the logo was supposed to be delivered to me, not the time to wait until payment is taken.

It is ridiculous, they take ages to reply to emails, don’t have customer service telephone number, and I just want to cancel my order so I can reorder it, which will be much quicker. But I don’t want to accidentally make another order. I already asked them in previous email to just credit me with $5 and cancel my order so I can reorder as will be quicker.

They are aware that I have a time sensitive project and rather than doing things quickly and simply they are just making it more complicated.

Why can’t they just cancel those orders and I can reorder???

What do you mean? The payments never went through to the seller? Was the order initiated?