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Fiverr Test Issues

Hello Everyone,
Hope You all are fine and doing well.
My name is Jozzii and I am new seller on fiverr. I have issues with fiverr tests wHich I conducted and which want to share with you too, to get help regarding my issues. I conducted tow tests on fiverr one was CSS-3 and the other was Web Design Principles. My first test which was CSS-3 when I clicked the “Start Test” button the test didn’t started and I waited a long to get started but I don’t no why it Didn’t started. Then after 5 - 6 minutes I closed the test window but when I went to my profile again, my CSS-3 test status was “Failed”.
Second I took Web Design Principles test. The test started normally and I attempt all 40 questions. But when I finished the test, I was unable to end the test. The “End Button” wasn’t working while the time left when I attempted all the questions was 25:18. I waited some more time thinking that it might work after half of the time has passed.
But after 10 minutes I again tried to end Web Design Principle test but I was still unable to end the test while time left at that moment was 14:25. So, after waiting for more than 10 minutes I switched my window and the test was ended with a prompt message that “You are not allowed to switch window it is a controlled test and bla bla bla…”. But then, when I checked my result, the status was again “failed”. Now this is not my fault when “End Test” button is not working. Then how can fiverr declared me as “Fail”.
Do any one have solution for this?? Please help me, I am worried about this :frowning:


Hi Jozzii. Those tests seem to have a lot of issues (you can do a forum search to find related threads). I myself got only an error page when I wanted to start a test I’d looked at and it told me I’d already taken the test, which I had not.

You can take each test twice within 3 months, I think, but I wouldn’t and won’t take any as long as these technical and some other test content-related issues haven’t been fixed.

You could also tell customer support about your specific issues, so they can forward it to the relevant people who will hopefully fix it.

I checked your profile, and it doesn’t say anything about tests, failed or not, there, so that inappropriate “failed” declaration is probably only visible to yourself at least.


Tnaks Miiila. I am glad to know that you took notice and visited my profile. I think other sellers or buyers can’t see the results at this instance. But here are the screen shots…

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The “end test” button didn’t work for me either even though I kept pressing it and had answered every question (maybe it thought I hadn’t? Maybe it’s a cookie issue?). I suppose you could just leave the screen to countdown the remaining minutes but then the test results will be inaccurate by showing the wrong time taken.


I have passed nearly 10 tests and didn’t have this issue. I passed the last test yesterday afternoon and everything was ok.
(I didn’t have the issues that I had noticed previously).
You should contact CS. Perhaps there is a new bug!

@miiila We need to click on 2 different buttons before begining the test. One to confirm that you want to take the test. And another one (on another window) about the fact that the test is protected. I can’t imagine that you have clicked by mistakes on 2 buttons! Weird…


Can anyone confirm whether or not these tests are available on all browsers and both Windows and non-Windows powered PC’s?

Also, can anyone list exactly which tests are known to be buggy?

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Not sure but from what I have read from others, I think all of them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Of course I did not. I clicked the test, got on the page where it tells you the subjects of the test and how long you got, then clicked on “Start Test” and immediately got an error page saying I have already taken the test.

Found the screenshot:


Well, I’m noticing tests and test pass rates on some seller profiles. People get a pass or are displayed as being in the up 10% of sellers in a particular skill set. I don’t think anyone should take a test until we know that we aren’t going to get FAIL or low scores on our profiles as a result of bugs.


We have been complaining about all this for a long time now but… :roll_eyes:


If you fail, nothing appears on your profile.

Yes, but if you fail, or “fail”, you have used up one of your 2 shots for 3 months. If you “fail” twice, for WiFi interruption or bugs or whatever, you’ll have to wait for 3 months. And nobody tells us if failed tests have any effect on our ranking.

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We can get:
Passed (when you are not in the top 30% or if there are very few users who took the test).

We don’t know…

You are looking the bad side.
If you succeed, the tests could also have a positive effect. Are you most likely to succeed or to fail?

One must be very unluky to fail twice for technical reasons or by accident!
It happened to me once (the battery of my laptop suddenly stoped) but I have passed the test the day after.

Be positive… we know that there are lots of car accidents but we continue driving because we have more chances to be safe than to be injured when we drive.

When there are very few people who took the test you can still get in the “top 10%” even though 10% is less than one user really (so rounding probably like was said in a thread). They shouldn’t put “top 10%” if there are <10 users tested I think.

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I am not being negative, I just want to be tested by correct and correctly working tests. Which seems like a normal thing to me. I don’t want a result of 9.8/10 because of errors in the test itself, for instance.

I’d even put up with tests if they were correct and would work in spite of my opinion that if it’s supposed to be about trust and not just a cosmetic thing, the easy but not very meaningful way out, with many sellers cheating, just as they cheat with other things, they’d have to check actual deliveries.
Then, buyers could have more trust.

I know that won’t happen, and I might take the tests if they either become mandatory, or they fix the issues, I don’t know why you feel the need to tell me to be positive. I am positive, I’m hoping that issues get fixed when people relay them and spend my time for those things often while I could just keep quiet and do my thing.

I’ve seen “top 10% of 2 users tested”, so that will look a bit weird indeed until more people (can) take the tests :wink: but since it was said that the people who take the tests first will have advantages, maybe it’s worth it.

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I will be negative…
I am 100% sure that they won’t fix the problems. I have seen discussions dated 2012 and 2015 about the provider of this test regarding the same issues we are facing here!

Until now, the tests have no effect on my rating (And I have not passed only one test!).

I have not taken a test yet and don’t intend to unless Fiverr makes it mandatory.

Like most Fiverr roll outs it appears as this one is flawed too.

Not only do they have all the problems you see in this thread but how are they going to verify who is taking the test.

When I look at someone’s profile it’s not the tests I’m interested in. I find it very distracting from getting down to the business of reading a seller’s gigs and making a selection.

I end up staying on the tests part of the profile until I’m bored then moving on from the profile without looking at the gigs.

The point is to buy a gig. I want to keep a potential buyer’s mind on the business at hand.

I was looking at an illustrator’s profile and spent so much time checking out all the tests he took that I spent a few seconds only on his gigs, and was by the time I got around to that ready to leave the profile and gigs. Any enthusiasm or interest in the gigs he has was gone.

You only have a few short minutes to make a sale before a buyer moves on from your profile so why make them look at test scores?