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Fiverr testing new search placement algorithm


Looks like fiverr testing a new search placement algorithm on how your gig displayed.
Have anyone already experienced a difference?
I noticed that from standard 60 orders per month it went down to 4 orders in last weeks and almost no impressions which means that my gig is just not displayed in the search…



that’s Not new - many sellers has loose their sells.




I had the same situation last month. Did you change title before your sales decrease?


Sounds like a classic case of “You edited your gigs”.


:smile: No, didn’t edit them for the last year for sure :wink:


oh, sorry to hear that! I hope that you sales came back to normal now.

No, didn’t change my title, just suddenly few weeks ago noticed very low activity and after few weeks contacted support team because it didn’t look normal



Don’t leave your income in the hands and at the mercy of algorithms…


My sales decreased when i changed gig title) I’ve contacted support and they are solved my problem, sales came back to normal.


I think this is a bit irrelevant to this topic :wink:

Right now I’m not talking about this points that you discuss in your topic:
1 Too many sellers offer the same thing - 48%
2 Buyers won’t buy from new sellers - 23%
3 Buyers won’t buy from level 1 sellers - 12%
4 I don’t get orders since I became level 1/2 - 12%

But this is more an FYI that fiverr testing a new system how sellers will be displayed in the search engine system and now it will depend on many factors, not only you rating, order completion etc it will also depend on how fast you responding on your messages. E.g if you and other seller has the same rating but he is responding messages in less time then his gig will be now displayed on top of yours.

So the biggest advise is to keep up with your statistics to be always on top of it :wink:


Advice on getting more sales at times when sales are low is irrelevant to a topic talking about how sales are low because of the algorithm? OK then.

Fiverr are ALWAYS testing things, ALWAYS trying things out etc.
The point of my linked post is that there are always reasons to be found for not getting sales but there are always things one can do to rectify it.

I think you are taking a lot more from that template response you got than is actually intended.


Hi,same thing happened with best selling gigs impression going down.


I took it from their another reply where I asked them about specific factors that will be taken into account :wink:


Would you share those too then? :slight_smile: The reply you posted above was already posted by someone else recently, but I didn’t see one about specific factors yet, I think.


My sales dropped and no sales from past several days. Looking good news and back to normal soon…


Or did as I did and went on Vacation Mode for a week. :palm_tree: :sunny: :beach_umbrella:


ALWAYS keeping us in suspense. ALWAYS surprising us like a surprise birthday party of misery.


Hey! @mariashtelle1 Fiverr Gig search algorithm depend on your Gig title and Keyword. But Now sometimes fiverr automatically down some gigs from search filter.


Happy Fiverr Anniversary!


I’m finding my #1 gig on the first row, but I haven’t gotten any sales in the past 2 days.

I don’t know what’s going on.

Too much, too often, too soon. Every change has unforeseen consequences, bugs, etc. It’s why people get frustrated.