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Fiverr Testing - There are Bugs in the system

Good Evening,

First of all - having the Fiverr Test is great idea. It will help us to prove to clients that we know what we are doing. Great move, just hope Fiverr doesn’t mess it up like how they did with Pro and good move, made a lot of people unhappy.

I took the Fiverr test for WordPress today and being a WordPress expert I am ranked in top 10% :slight_smile:

But there are a few issues in the testing system. There were questions which could have had other answers as well. With regards to sidebar.php etc.

For instance, I incorporate sidebar via functions.php and not via sidebar.php - if you check most of the theme developers use that method to call / create + hook sidebar.

Sometimes, there are questions where answers will be purely wrong.

What Fiverr needs to do is to re-visit and debug the questions + answers to make the test better.


thanks for your information.Yes,i really belive that fiverr test will be help us for skill.