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Fiverr testing - What is that?


I haven’t used Fiverr in a long time, and I just saw that there are tests that one can take. What do you think? Are they good? Should I take them?

If I have a gig with over 60 five-star reviews, should I still consider taking the test?

If I take the test but am not satisfied with my score, do I have the option the hide the test?



The tests have their problems, but they can be an indicator of skills if a buyer decides to check your profile. There is otherwise no benefit to taking them, but there is no drawback either. Yes, you do have the option to hide test results that you’re not proud of, or that don’t support your gigs (go into the ‘take test’ option after the test is complete and toggle the button). Taking the test is completely optional, and completely up to you. The only cost is the time you put into them (most have a time limit of 40 minutes, but can be finished in less if it’s a subject you know very well.)


Have you personally taken them? Did it help?

I have taken a few, yes. (You can see the results on my profile by scrolling down, if you would like to know how they’re displayed.) Fiverr did recently update what tests are available to take, and some people have reported that they’re a bit buggy. But other than reaffirming what I already knew about my skills, I can’t really say if they have or have not helped, as there simply is no data on this.

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I’ve taken a couple as well…Spanish to English translation, Basic English, Fiverr English. These are decent if people do them with honesty because you won’t get a high score if you aren’t a native speaker or haven’t studied the language at a high level…the downfall is that there’s no way to prove you don’t have to computers open and searching for answers on Google while doing the test

I did do one that I found to be a COMPLETE waste of time - the English test. More than half of the questions were about vocabulary words that are literally never used…

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Customer Service test? What is that?

Topics in test:

  1. Dealing With Difficult Customers
  2. Creating Customer Service Strategy
  3. Customer Relationship Management
  4. Phone Etiquette
  5. Customer Needs
  6. Resolving Situations Arising Out Of Bad Customer Service
  7. Customer Service On The Internet