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Fiverr....Thanks (really) :)

Hello everyone!

I have a really short story I decided to share. Last week, I received a request for a custom order to create a custom whiteboard animation for a buyer. He told me he had a video on his website and he wanted me to create a better one.

To be honest, I had a weird feeling about it because I’ve gotten alot of cancellations from buyers that have names from a particular region (I’m sorry for feeling this way, but the next few sentences will explain why). I don’t get so many orders. Usually, I get a small number of orders with big figures so a single cancellation is a big risk for me.

I do my best to be fair to everyone - I don’t believe in stereotypes but this was a personal experience I had faced quite a number of times in the past.

So I sent him a custom offer. He wanted his delivery expedited. I went ahead and worked on the video.

Just to paint a picture of what goes on behind the scenes, we write the script, create the storyboard, get the VO recorded, digitally hand draw the approved illustrations from the storyboard and finally create the animation. This process usually takes 10 - 15 days

This is a tedious but very interesting process that all projects pass through.

I delivered the video after a few days and he was extremely happy with the video.

He left a nice review and that was it. Everything seemed normal. I checked on his website and the video I delivered to him was sitting there nicely.

I felt really bad about how I felt at the start of the project and berated myself for thinking that way.

On the day the money was supposed to be added to my account balance (7 days after completion). I woke up to a cancellation email. I was surprised to see that the buyer had cancelled the order and the order was removed from my account balance.

I also received a followup email from Fiverr to say the buyer did a chargeback using their bank.

Here is why I am thanking Fiverr.

I received a third email.

Hi ollydave,

Good news! Your revenues for the canceled order by ************** due to a dispute were returned to your account, without affecting your cancellation rate.

You can withdraw these funds from your account after a safety period of 7 days.

I believe Fiverr cares. Thank you for reading…

I’m also brainstorming on a better topic title. I suck at it lol. Any ideas?

Edit: I’m sorry, I thought it was going to be a short story.


I’m so glad this turned out well for you! There will always be people out there that try to get something for nothing. My experience with Fiverr CS so far has been really good, so I’m glad to see others have had that experience as well.

I remember also having a problem customer, and Fiverr took care of it right away, so I get where you’re coming from! It’s a good feeling to know you’re being taken care of.

I hope you get many more successes here. :slight_smile:


Thank you. It feels awesome. Happy to hear about yours too.

I hope they keep this up. Thank you for your wishes. Wish you the same.


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