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Fiverr - The misunderstood P2P

I decided to plunge myself into the world of Voiceover recording in late 2018. I took it seriously, investing in high-quality equipment, soundproofing a room in my house, and researching techniques for recording and post-production.

Since I began, I have recorded over 1500 gigs - and I love it!

It seems that ‘Fiverr’ is still a bit of a dirty word in the voiceover industry, the cheap option! But I truly believe that the platform offers a fantastic opportunity for real sustainable income, and there are many talented artists that offer real value for money. It has taken hard work, commitment and continual improvement - but I have Fiverr to thank for the business and brand that I am building.

I wish everybody on Fiverr a fantastic New Year full of hard work and success


Fiverr is a dirty word in the freelance writing industry as well. It is what you make of it. I provide the same level of service on Fiverr as I do for personal writing clients, and charge accordingly. If you don’t want people to think of your services as cheap, don’t make them cheap. Provide value and the right clients will be more than happy to pay for it.

And, next time your voiceover community friends harp at you for using Fiverr, remember that they are missing out on a valuable resource for finding new clients, and you can take full advantage of Fiverr since they aren’t here.


I admit I was one of those in the voice over community that INITIALLY looked at Fiverr voice projects as “the death” of REAL voice overs. That was arrogance and foolish on my part. There are so many talented voice artist, as well as writers, video creators, designers and on, that I would have had to remain an idiot to not jump on board. I’ve learned that it’s not the “where” you deliver your services, but the “how” and quality of those services. I don’t do as many voice projects on fiverr as I used to as I’ve pushed my more profitable video gigs, but the VO-side is where I got my start and Fiverr is just a platform and like any platform there will be good providers and bad providers. The stigma of the platform is just that…a stigma. I’ll take ALL the jobs that other sellers don’t want. While they are waiting for the one big $5000 project, I’ll do 10 $500 projects and keep it moving into 2020.
Happy New Year…the 2020 hustle is strong!!