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Fiverr - The Musical

…featuring the following hit songs:

“How do I mek sellers?”
“Respond to your messages quicker, you work-shy fops.”
“That’s not even minimum wage!”
“They ordered by mistake and it’s your fault.”
“No manners required.”
“Give me your best price.”
“How dare you go on vacation.”
“Eat that jar of coffee, do-er.”
“Why are you sleeping?”
“Hi Dear”

…and many more!

Feel free to add any others you can think of. :wink:


"Hey, Baby… "
“Please? I’ll pay you more…”



LOL! that’s perfect…

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"You’ve Been Demoted To Level 1"
“We’ve got news about your order”
“You’ve received messages from”
“Response Rate”
“Order Completion Rate”
“Days Without Warnings”
“Achieve these goals to become a Level Two Seller”
“Now I Have To Get A Full-Time Job”
“Maintain a 4.8 Rating”
“Buyers Requests”


I always think that “we’ve got news about your order” sounds so ominous!

“Modification request” would be just fine. :slight_smile:

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I also think that “Days Without Warnings” should close the first act.

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“What’s a Gig description?”
“I Want The World for $5”
“Seller’s Lament”
“New to Fiverr” (Mek Sell reprise)


Funnily enough, I can almost hear what these would sound like. :grin:

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I love that, I hope somebody does The Fiverr Musical.

I once saw Harry Potter The Musical and it was hilarious, a group of college students did it, a 1.3 hour show.

I’ll gladly pay for a gig if someone made it into an actual song…

Hmmm so let’s see, who is the best singer here at Fiverr…?


“I need orders give me work”
“I’ll give you more orders if you give me discount”
“I can’t pay much but I need the best work”
“Wow you so expensive why”
“I didn’t know it was your image plz don’t report me”


“I need a revision (but I actually need something completely different because I suddenly changed my mind.

“The Buyers who never leave Reviews”
“I need a best-selling novel written. Budget:$5”



“You’re Welcome Fiverr for that Tip.”
Almost forgot that one… :joy:

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