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Fiverr - The thief in the night w/ no refunds policy and #'d up billing practice

I’ve seriously had just about enough of the way Fiverr charges buyers. I’ve bought several hundred gigs and I’m just about ready to find a new source.

I had a $1 balance in my account for AGES! Now it’s up to $21…How is that? Good bloody question. Apparently(totally an assumption) I was refunded service fees on a couple of gig orders in the beginning and when Fiverr realized it they changed it…but not others.

The $20…a refund for a mutually cancelled order that cost me $22. Fiverr got their fees back from PP…why in the hell don’t I get mine?

Next, I just paid for a custom order of $40($42)…Why in the hell didn’t it take the $21 that was already in the account and charge me the difference? WHY???..SO FIVERR COULD TAKE MORE OF MY MONEY! And this ISN’T the first time…

It surely doesn’t cost 20% of all revenues PLUS a $0.50+ fee PER GIG (taking it up to 30% if you buy only 1 or 2 gigs) - ON TOP OF the gig price to run their business plus not to give back the money to the customer if the gig is cancelled. I can only imagine, if this $40 custom gig doesn’t work out… I’ll have a balance of $60 that is totally worthless to me if I can’t find a solution on Fiverr…because Fiverr decided that they have a ‘NO REFUNDS’ policy to the customer…they have a “TRADE IN PROGRAM”…Don’t like the first tech (artist/designer/ect/ect) you chose…choose another…We don’t have anyone qualified???..oh well…thanks for your cash and tough…"

Fiverr has either screwed themselves with poor management and over spent like the federal government or they just don’t give a crap and want to bilk you for everything they can.

To be fair, you did sign up to this after reading the terms and conditions, thereby agreeing to them. You can use the $20 as part of a larger order–just order an extra after the main gig.

You can also just leverage PayPal if you really want that refund, but you’ll be banned forever. There’s no theft in the night here–just a slight whiff of money grabbing that’s all made clear up-front.

Ok, no refunds. But what possible reasons could they have for not applying credit balances against new orders. Do their programmers not know how to do math?

I don’t know why, but given that Fiverr frequently breaks down, I can only imagine that fixing this might lead to other errors. This is the lesser of two evils! The added gig extra workaround works just as well. You can also ask for a custom order that fits your $ exactly. There’s plenty of sellers who will do x for $20, after all. Whether they do a good job is another question entirely :stuck_out_tongue:

“if this $40 custom gig doesn’t work out… I’ll have a balance of $60 that is totally worthless to me if I can’t find a solution on Fiverr”

You hire someone else? What’s the big deal? Furthermore, if you had a gig on Fiverr then you could pay for your fiverr money and avoid the $0.50 fee.