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Fiverr thinks I am a robot but I am not a robot

**From Yesterday , When I am refreshing the page , I am having this problem . Have no idea why its happening . **

Is there anyone who are having this problem .



Dab if real!


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Still having this issue :broken_heart:

That’s what a robot would say, to be fair.


Clean up your internet cache.

Hi Dijatul, Please contact the customer support team, they will help best everytime :+1:

Are you a robot???

When Fiverr thinks you’re a robot but it’s really just a seller with poor english lol
I’m kidding, I hope you solve the issue!



Just kidding


One of the options your screenshot mentions is JavaScript, did you check if you might need an update?

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Are you Sure?
#Maybe You Are!
How are you sure that YOU Are Not?


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Try accessing Fiverr in Incognito mode.

:bulb: Joe

I also thinks you are a robot. :robot::space_invader:

Are you seriously having an issue or something? If not, just carry on like usual. Maybe you tried logging in one too many times or something?

To all with smart quips regarding the issue…

:no_entry: This stems from the ISP (Internet Service Provider) of the user.

All IP addresses are recycled and redistributed.
So if the network configuration done by your ISP is not proper, and correct, your traffic will be marked as spam and malicious by CDNs.


It happens usually when people use proxy
many websites don’t like when somebody uses proxy

I’ve had that a few times in the past - nothing to do with proxy server etc. as I don’t use one. It seemed to clear up after a day or so.


yes, I am confused am I really a human being r not.

Already cleared cache . Already contacted CS.

Opps!! You know English is not My mother language, Its My father language. So I am confused in English as well . :smile:

JavaScript is also Updated

tried incognito mode

yes yes yes I am a Robot :space_invader: from my heart .

May be, I have to wait for couple of days. :alien:

I contacted ISP but they have no idea why its happening . And They told Me They gave me a 1 ip only for me. Who knows ??? :robot:

Why I use Proxy? There is no way I use Proxy . I dont want to loose my account . I am in here for work not to cheat . So be cool …:eye:

Wish I will be a robot in real life . May Be I am becoming a :robot: .

Thank you so much everyone for all kinds of suggestions. You are rocks :sparkling_heart:


It could be JavaScript is disabled in the browser eg. could be running NoScript which can disable it for sites unless you enable it.

JavaScript and Java are different things.

edit: Also, I had this message a few days ago and just clicked on the “I’m not a robot” box.

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