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Fiverr thinks I'm a Robot, I keep getting this message on a consistent basis lately


I keep getting a “Access to This Page Has Been Blocked”

I’ve been an avid seller on Fiverr for a few years now with hundreds of positive reviews and many orders. This has been occurring now for a little over a week. I thought it may just be a temporary bug, but it keeps happening.

Anytime I try to deliver an order, I’ll get this message. Or I try to respond to a message, it’ll trigger it. Not sure what to do. It only takes a second to prove I’m not a Robot, but I honestly beleive this is hurting my ranking as well.

Please hear me out. In the last week when this started, my impression count for my gigs has dropped at least 25%, I’ve been getting far less orders in the past week as well. It’s really hurting my account I believe and I hope someone can help me.

I apologize if I’m posting this in the wrong area, but perhaps a mod can help me get this fixed and help with my ranking that I believe it’s affected.

Looking forward to any replies.

Kind regards,

Kevin (Alienbrayn)


Hi Kevin,

Forum moderators are just volunteers. You should contact customer support. Maybe they can give you suggestions on how to prevent this from happening.
Best of luck :wink:


Thanks annai! I’ll go ahead and do that now, sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot!

Kind regards,



Ho did it go? I am having the same problem, what did customer support tell you?


Not OP but if you want to try what Support did tell me:

  • clear cache&cookies
  • turn off browser add-ons, for example LastPass
  • try Chrome incognito mode

on follow-up ticket:

  • clear browser cache&cookies once again
  • quit browser
  • then restart router/modem
  • give it a minute, turn it on again
  • then access
  • also can you please try accessing through incognito Mode on Chrome


Thank you @miiila, appreciate it. I’ll try those and see how it goes :slight_smile:
I just find their response pretty disheartening as the problem is with the site, not our add-ons or the others.

Fiverr asking for I am not robot

My pleasure, it was driving me mad, turning off my adblocker and Opera did work for me then, kind of, at least.
Staying logged in as long as only possible (unless thrown out by windows updates etc.) once in, was the best ‘workaround’ though… but it seems to work okay again for me now with Chrome too, so maybe there´s hope. :wink: