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Fiverr Third Party ToS Violation

Check out my fiverr today and the message in the title came up. I never bend any rules in Fiverr and this gig has been going active for almost 2 weeks and it also got some 5 star reviews but why?

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Link please. More info, please. Stay safe, plase. Take care, please.

And… Link please?
I dont know if you can see it since its disabled now

From your description and reviews (it seems either you paused your gig or it was taken down), what I can tell is that you did break a third party’s ToS.

I’m pretty sure having people pay real money for in-game trades is against ToS for any website/game (like WoW, Dark Souls, etc.). I don’t know for certain, but I don’t feel like looking too deep into it.

Breaking the ToS on another site is breaking ToS on Fiverr (hence the “Third Party ToS Violation”), which is why you got the warning. Get enough and they’ll permanently ban your account.

Read Fiverr’s ToS, which you should have done when you signed up. It will tell you what is and isn’t allowed.

I dont think its breaking the rule theres another Fiverr gig doing the same thing Im doing and look how may 5 stars reviews it got. The gig has been in Fiverr for quite a long time and its still going fine

They just haven’t been caught or reported yet. Just because “someone else is doing it” doesn’t make it okay.

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How come my gig that isnt as popular got flagged and his gig doesnt caught anyone’s attention of reporting it?

If that is the case it is only a matter of time before their gig is removed.

Check this out: if you want to protect your account.

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Hmm I have read the ToS and I cant find anything related my issue.