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Fiverr, this is a highly requested feature: 1+ minute HD video & CUSTOM THUMBNAIL!

Currenly, Fiverr automatically decides which frame of video to portray on your gig intro… which tbh is silly. You have to do a lot of edits in your video just so that Fiverr gets the best frame which you want to display for your gig intro.

Also, the 1 minute video limitation is too crippling especially for music composers who have a lot of content to showcase about their talents. Due to this very reason, I had to put up an additional longer HD music video for my clients to see

Small suggestions but many sellers will appreciate that :slight_smile:



Hello, @manish30885 there is an option already available to change your video thumbnail :slight_smile:

I really appreciate this idea and I think Fiverr should take off the 1-minute video limit :slight_smile:


Yay! Thank you Fiverr for introducing this much needed feature! :smile:

and thanks to you @jus_designz for letting me know!

btw, about video duration and resolution, yeah, it definitely needs to take off the 1 minute limit and increase video quality. Maybe upto 5 minute if not 10 and atleast 720p :slight_smile:

I made a YouTube 720p video of 9 minutes in HD for my gig


you’re welcome @manish30885 :slight_smile:



I checked out that new custom video thumbnail feature but it doesn’t seem to work. For example, when I try to set the preview to my liking by pausing the video in the preview dialog box, and hit the “set to preview” button, it still defaults to the original layout after saving.

You can check my gig video yourself. It’s still showing “fiverr exclusive” rather than my username and video title portion that I want it to show.

I think this feature is not implemented well or contains bugs.

It can take a few hours for the custom preview to show when it’s been changed - it doesn’t happen instantly.


great feature:heart_eyes:

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Great festure, I like it