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Fiverr thread regarding discussing with client

Hello my mate!
Hope everyone is well. I’ve been working for a order since few days.Today during discussing with client I’m talking in a very simple way.Suddenly fiverr caught my message as flagged and reviewed for 24 hours.Please see the enclosed snap.What should I do now?Please help me.I’ve to contact with client emergency

Resend but reword the “up work” bit. The Fiverr flagging system doesn’t like “Upwork” :wink:

Oh and it’s against the forum rules to post people’s usernames here, you need to edit screenshots you want to post here, so other people’s usernames aren’t visible. Like this, your post here might get flagged too, or moderators might take the screenshot out.
You can edit yourself, using the pen icon.


your problem solved yet or not?


Problem solved finally

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