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Fiverr throwing my gigs to second page

So after the start of April my gig is thrown to second page however before that it was on first page and their are many other gigs like mine thrown to second page and the gigs that are on my place doesn’t even have a single rating or orders in queue like mine.
Am I the only one?


I have been involved in Forum threads where the members looked at the position of each others’ gigs. We found out that your gig placement varies. I looked for another poster’s gig and located it in a different place than each of the other members of the thread. So, even if your gig appears on the first or second page to you, it may not appear there to a buyer.


Is a second page that bad?

Fiverr doesn’t guarantee you a permanent position and constantly rotating gigs.
Plus they usually giving a “boost” to new sellers and placing them higher then usually but after some time they take a normal position according to their ranking algorithm and usually it’s not a first page.

There are a lot of top rated seller that sufdenly moved to last pages. So you should be happy that your gig moved only to a second page.


I would be happy with a second page position. But mine has been on the last pages for more than a year now, with occasional improvements for a few days. So don’t think it’s a bad position!

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What’s wrong with your gig being seen on the second page? Not everyone can be on page one.


Do you still have the link to any of those threads? Sounds really interesting.

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Awesome answer which I find Out :slight_smile:

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I asked the same thing!

Here’s one:

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I had to dig deep, here is one example. There have been others. In one thread, I remember @misscrystal was involved as well as myself.

Oh, I see @imagination7413 found the one I remember.