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Fiverr Thumbnail Video Error

Hello there, I have run into an issue in Fiverr that I cannot seem to fix. I have a gig that is out on the market at the moment and I attached a video on that gig but the thumbnail of the video is stretched out and it isn’t letting me change the thumbnail. You guys can see for yourself.

The gig is well down and looks proffessional but the video thumbnails really makes my gig look unproffessional! Does anyone have a fix for this?

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To select the thumbnail of your video go to your gig > gallery > in the video click the edit button and follow the steps provided there. Remember that it can take up to 8 hours I think to make the changes. If you already did that, check with CS to try and find a solution.


What do you mean by the “CS”?

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CS means Customer Support.

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It looks like the thumbnail is taking a frame from a couple of seconds into your video and using that as the thumbnail. Fiverr also scales the thumbnail up (losing a bit of the frame). So it will be that frame from a couple of secs into your video (that has some sort of effect/transition applied) unless you change the thumbnail manually by clicking the option in the gallery. Note that you need to wait a while (maybe hours) after changing the thumbnail for it to update.

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Okay. I have changed the video thumbnail. I will reply back in a couple hours and tell you if it worked


It didn’t seem to work. I waited a over 8+ hours and nothing happened. You can see for yourself

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Did you definitely change the thumbnail of both videos or just one?
One of the gigs’ thumbnail has the sideways motion blur and the other has a clear picture (but cropped). Like I said Fiverr scales up the thumbnail (losing a bit of the frame) - ie. cropping a bit of it.

You could try again by changing the thumbnail of the one with the motion blur - or both if you want.

If the cropping (eg. of the top of the head) is an issue you could pick different frame of the video as your thumbnail image, ie. one that the amount of cropping Fiverr does won’t be an issue.

If the changing of the thumbnail still doesn’t work you could try contacting support. Maybe try a different browser (Fiverr seems to work best with Chrome).

The thumbnail image is still stretched. thats the main issue.

You mean stretched in both horizontal and vertical? ie. scaled up? As in the 2nd gig link (the “say anything you want…” video)?

If so, there’s nothing you can do about that. Fiverr scales up and crops the thumbnail of all gig info videos.
You just have to make the thumbnail you choose or video so that the scaling won’t be too much of an issue (eg. make so heads and/or text etc. are within a safe area so when scaled up and cropped important parts of the frame won’t get cropped out).