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I’m little confuse about fiverr tip

One client added +5$ as tip total will be 10$ but revenue shows 4$ to be cleared

One client added +6$ as tip total will be 11$ but revenue shows 4.8$ to be cleared

One client added +10$ as tip total will be 15$ but revenue shows 8$ to be cleared.

How they processed in case of tip as this is not 20% of all ammount which deduct.


Yes its 20% … There should be some problem on your account … Write it to Fiverr support they will refresh your account and then you will be able to see how much you actually wud get… and also do check under Revenue …Amount Cleared and to be cleared tab…

If I am right, tips are separated orders in revenue tab

Don’t get you. Kindly explain…

what they say is that the first $5 are not counted towards the new revenue that is the tip so in your example $4 is the $5 tip less 20%, $4.80 is the $6 tip less 20% and $8 is the $10 tip less 20%. the original $4 from the $5 sale should show separately (and earlier) in your revenue report. HTH. Regards

Something is not right in your fiverr revenue system the easiest way to fix this is to actually report it it to fiverr customer support.

On revenue tab under clearing Pending Clearance, you will see pending money for tip and for regular order. Or to explain better, there are 2 Pending Clearance for same order.

So in your example of 6 dollar tip. Pending Clearance is $4 and $4.8 for same order. There should be one under another. If you click on them to view order, both should take you on that order with tip.

You are not paying close attention to your pending clearance pane else you should notice that what you are been giving a tip, the revenue appears as separate gig and does not ad up to make the total of purchased gig. What I am saying is that if Mrs A orders your gig for $5 and at the end gives you a tip of $5, you should have two separate clearance for the revenue which should be one for the tip and the other for you order. Hope this explains it better.

Click on Revenue and click on Pending Clearance So The order’s which is pending also have tip It will show up separate 2 Different Pending But If you click on them Both of that orders will redirect you to the same order Because one pending is for the order and the other is for the tip.

Tips are shown as a separate order on the revenue page.
So an order was $5, you will get $4.

A tip was added to the order, so you will get $4, shown on a different line like it’s a separate order.

thanx i got… :slight_smile:

thank you

I guess tips can also be given in 5 or multiples of 5 :confused: I’m a bit confused by seeing your post