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✔ Fiverr Tips 1: How to remove negative reviews and ratings? [ARCHIVED]

A big challenge for fiverr seller is getting negative ratings from buyer. It just spoil seller gigs as well as his base ratings. I found many fiverr seller who completed thousands of jobs without any negative ratings. How is it possible? Definitely their service quality is top notch. But is this the only thing? I think no. With better services you need good communication skills. I found many seller who remove there negative ratings from there gigs. But how? Here is some tips.

  1. Immediately contact buyer and request him to reconsider his/her review and ratings and try to please buyer to resolve all issues.

  2. Offer him some extra services/bonus.

  3. If all of this these tricks are not working then offer him a refund. If he agree then ask him to send a removal request of the negative rating to fiverr support or do it yourself. But you need a message from you buyer that he has no objection.

  4. If all of these failed, then sorry. You have nothing to do. Try to increase your order more and more so that it doesn’t hurt your 100% rating. For example if you have 1000 good ratings and 1 or 2 bad ratings that doesn’t decrease your 100% ratings, because it’s fractional.

    ** Please note that, my rating is 98% not 100%. I wasn’t able to remove all of my negative ratings. Hope you wouldn’t mind. Check these.


    Thank You


Reply to @bestinmarket: Dear Sarah,

Thank you very much for your advice.

But in case that the support will not remove the rates, If I remove the Gig , does my rates return to 100% ?



Reply to @aladdindev: well, if you think, you did what you promised in your gig and in order page; you can contact Customer Support and ask them to remove the negative feedback. Make sure you also provide them with a few screen shots of what you committed and where buyer threatens to for negative reviews if you don’t refund him etc…



Thanks for you informations,

Actually today I wake up and see that 7 bad reviews from the same buyer, He’s a scammer, He told me to give him his money back or he’ll let the reviews.

I gave him all what he need and a 100% working project.

He’s a bad person.

Does deleting the Gig remove the negative rates ?

aladdindev said: But in case that the support will not remove the rates, If I remove the Gig , does my rates return to 100% ?
No. Ratings are based on sales completed since you started on Fiverr, even if all your original gigs are gone and you've put up new gigs.

Cool article man thanks for the tip. As a business owner, I know that the customer isn’t always right however it’s especially when they are wrong when they can hurt you the most.

A wise man once said to agree with your adversary while he’s still in the way because if they get to the judge you will most certainly pay all.

Reply to @aladdindev: IF you are right in what you delivered to the buyer, still if buyer asks for refund or gives negative review Customer Support will surely remove the ratings.

aladdindev said: But in case that the support will not remove the rates, If I remove the Gig , does my rates return to 100% ?


Reply to @celticmoon: ok, Thank you, so the only chance is to contact the support

Hi again,

I have Contacted the CS and unfortunately this is their answer.

"Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, we cannot remove a buyer’s feedback without their consent. Please communicate with your buyer, get their consent and let us know. We will be happy to assist you."

The scammer has took already 2 version of the work, and now he want to take the money too. i don’t know what else he want to take from me after.

And CS tell me we cannot remove the feedbacks without their consent.BUT he will not EVER consent.

what shall I do now ? from 100% to 94% rate from one buyer for one project in one day ??? :-& is this Right Fiverr ?

Hi Everyone!I also face a thing such like this.I completed a order before 9 months the buyer didn’t ask any modification or anything. When I logged in to my fiverr today I could see my ratings decrease 99% from 100%.Is there something to do this?Why fiverr gives chance to let feedbacks after long time(9 months) like this.Then we have nothing to do,can’t refund at this time.

Thanks for your information my rating also 98% i have two negative feedback.i contact buyers but their not responding yet.

Reply to @smokings: Write to Support!

Reply to @pixess: Offer refund to them (from “resolution center”). If the option of sending a mutual cancellation request isn’t available, then write to Support and ask them to offer refund for these people. After that you can send a message to inform them that the refund wad made, tell them you’re sorry that your services/gigs didn’t satisfied their needs, and ask them (if they want), to agree to remove the negative feedback.

After they will replay to your message that they agree to remove your negative feedback, then you need to reply to Support that they agreed).

That’s all!

Very useful article.

Thanks for the tips. If the seller has done the work needed or if the seller is ready to edit/improve the work and still buyer is giving negative feedback just to get refund, then, I think, seller shouldn’t worry about such feedback and refund policy - unnecessary isn’t good.

Thanks to all for efficient information sharing!

hey friends

Thanks for your Shares

I have a question! tell me what to do with negative feedback if buyer competitor and he specifically put bad Reting?

Kind regards


I think it’s not always about ratings. Even reviews effects for your sales. I have 100% positive rating so far and I used to get at least 3,4 orders everyday. Some of days I got like 7 orders. But this one customer who made me to do like 3,4 revisions has put a review saying that I’m a not talented designer. But still its a positive thumbs up feedback. Everyone is talented in their own way right? may be my style is not what he was looking for but clearly there are samples.

So after that comment I didn’t get any new order yet. My old customers are coming to me but no new order. So I think reviews takes a major part too

Reply to @aladdindev: you can offer him a refund I. Acceptance for his consent to remove the rating and then talk to support?

ok thanks. (:expressionless: