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Fiverr Tips 2: Active sellers will get more order

How active you’re on fiverr? Yes, it counts…

Always try to login into your fiverr account while you are on your desk and reply every messages. Remember, buyers love active sellers. My experience says that prompt reply grabs order. I loss many order because of late reply. You know on fiverr there many seller do same category jobs and buyer can easy find their substitutes. So never miss it. Always check you email and try to stay logged on your fiverr account.

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I agree. I check my email every hour and try to stay active. I responded to peoples questions right away. They not only bought my gig but did extras. Because of my responses one of my gigs now has 7 in queue! And out of those 7 orders, 3 of them have extras with one buying the max I have to offer!

I also check my email every hour and try to stay active. but not so much order yet

seohut said: seohut


Most of my life is spent on my computer, so I’m all set haha.

I wake up twice from my sleep to reply messages and get back to sleep. :wink:

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yes, completely agreed!

No I don’t agree. My computer is on pretty frequently. I would have to say I get a lot of inquiries lately but not a lot of orders. The only orders I get are from regulars. You can be active, update, do whatever you want…wait until those orders don’t come or wait until you lose your level then we’ll talk ok.

Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: I see some featured seller whose gig is always on front page do so well

Off course activeness is most essential because some time we got order but didn’t get mail about order. If we are active then we can monitor our gig progress as well as our competitor progress too.

I agree activeness does help out :slight_smile:

100% Right.

Do you know who you are talking to guys? I have been here almost 3 yrs. I write the blog Fiverrtastic. A fiverr blog who promotes sellers. Not sure how many of you know about it. I feature sellers and give sellers advice all the time. Activeness means nothing to some buyers if they like your gig they will wait. We have to sleep, we have to run errands, we have to eat, we have to do daily things that keep us from the internet. We can’t be tied to Wifi 24/7 and if you are seriously check yourself into a clinic. People need time to themselves and prospective clients/current clients know that. If they like your samples or your responses to a question they will answer back and buy gigs. It has nothing to do with activity. Does it help yes is it really that important…no. Fiverr v2 is just bass ackwards right now.

I have been very active and I haven`t got many orders since the new version of fiverr!

True : )

Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz:

By the way, your blog is awesome. Fiverrtastic rocks :wink:

As with everything else. If you seriously intend to be successful you must exercise a high level of dedication and commitment.

Once you’ve got a viable product/service and the drive behind that. Success is already in the bag. You just need to GO GET IT!!

Reply to @happyspace: Sounds awesome. I have a blog gig if you’re interested. i can feature your gig on my FB page. if you want a blog personally written a gig order will get it done