Fiverr Tips and Tricks,share and care


I research a lot and find new and innovative ways to move smartly in freelancing website.Might be helpful to share.Maybe I could get more help from you.Lets be smart together.


Tips and tricks?

There aren’t any I’m afraid. What you will find if you look around is solid advice and help from other Fiverr users.

Good luck! :sunny:


If you’ve found new and innovative ways to freelance, why not share them with us before you demand us share our tips and tricks with you? That only seems fair.


You should share with others to make them useful:grinning:


Hi guys, sorry I was not working these days.
Well, what I found that even when I was demoted, I got a lot of buyer messages because my gigs ranked on the first page.The trick to this was that I made my gig gallery picture more attractive and often changed it a lot.Then I always searched in the search bar about specific design (as my niche was graphic design) to have an idea about the keyword.I know this might not be anything significant but it might help somebody.Take care of your gigs like your child.


Social media marketing tip:
Just follow the celebrities with the “blue ticks” and you will automatically get followers in a rush

Do this at a regular interval and get to your target.Might be helpful for new sellers.


For graphic designers
“Gfx mentor” tutorials are the best on youtube.He delivered 30 or more tutorials just for Adobe Illustrator.Great guide for the South Asian community.


Translation services:

Don’t know any foreign languages, its okay don’t worry.I used Chat app such as “skout” to gather my self some foreign friends and we decided to work together.
A Spanish friend even helped out with voice-overs as he was a musician.

So I had the oppurtunity to expand without being over whelmed and the business is great


This is a neat trick, just make sure you’re following relevant people to your interest and niche. Following Kanye West when you’re a dude selling blog articles and hoping that will get you sales is a no-show. Follow with love and reason, not just for fans.


Exactly ,let me share another one two


Instagram followers:

Just go to #likeforfollowers and like every picture and wallah ! they follow you.No need to go for bots as instagram recognizes false activity and your profile starts acting weirdly too


A really good tip. Buffering, no need to post every day. Just sit down on a Sunday and plan out all your posts for social media, blog, website. This will release a t on of stress of your daily routine.


Can any one help me with the spine of an ebook.Like for creatspace ,I need to know how do I manage the spine of the book?


These are great tricks! Thanks for coming back and sharing.