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Fiverr Tips for New Seller | Best way to get started

Fiverr is the world’s biggest commercial online platform for selling your skills to buyers all around the world and increase your earnings rapidly. Fiverr empowers you to peruse the determination of specialists offering services, and to put arranges in only a single click. An assistance offered on Fiverr is known as a Gig.


1. Try not to utilize multiple accounts

2. Spare your top choices

Once in a while scanning Fiverr resembles looking for the notorious needle in the bundle. What’s more, when you do locate the correct help (or, as is regularly the situation, another fascinating assistance with regards to your journey to locate the correct assistance), you need to ensure you remember what it is.

To keep away from that, spare them for later to a different assortment, much the same as you do on Pinterest.

3. Always contact the buyer before purchasing and be clear about you job to be done.

4. Let buyer know your requirements before placing your orders you can ask for your requirements while opening your gigs in Fiverr Gig requirements field.

5. Try to get best rating and you can simply get it if you can satisfy your buyers by their work done.

6. Try to provide your own Gigs title and descriptions you can follow others to grab ideas but do not copy their title or contents if you do so Fiverr will disable your account as per TOS

7. Try to deliver your order as per time given and don’t be late otherwise your order completion rate will decrease.

8. Try to build a good relationship with your buyer this will help you to gain more jobs from the same buyer and your scope of earning will rise.

9. Do not get warnings from Fiverr and try not to share your mail id or personal links on Fiverr message as well don’t contact a buyer outside of Fiverr. If you do so Fiverr will take action and disable your account. If it is mandatory to work for buyer and you need their personal details and links try to make sure Fiverr get note to it before you start your work, for details you can contact Fiverr Customers Support.

10. Be Professional and try to engage with Fiverr Community and Forum.

11. Use Fiverr App to get active 24×7 from anywhere.

12. Try not to violate Fiverr Terms and Policy. Not to use words contact

outside of fiverr
social link

13. Try to Create Unique Gigs that focuses your skills and create impressions to buyer as well as to Fiverr.

14. Try to be active and response quick to buyer and have a good practice of communication.

15. Don’t Try to access Fiverr account from different devices or IP’s if it is not so necessary. To protect users’ privacy, user identities are kept anonymous. Requesting or providing Email addresses, ■■■■■/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Fiverr in order to circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform is not permitted.

16. SEO your Gigs with effective keywords and title that relates your skills that you will provide using that particular GIG.

17. Try to take orders that best suits your skills and you have ability to make it done.

18. Make your Gig videos that demonstrate your skills and services you will provide creating that particular GIG.

19. Market your gigs wherever it is possible. The best way to share your Gigs on Social Media and target audience/buyers who may need your services.

20. Never loose hope success never come in a day utilize your time in Fiverr as much as possible and send offer to buyers request professionally and be clear that what is buyers need and how you can help buyer providing their needs.

Best of Luck :slight_smile:

Saifur Rahman


Thank you very much for your helpful is very informative for new commers like me.i have opened my first gig but didn’t get response.i have started as a wordpress web design & developer.i am from Bangladesh…


A lot of good information in here, thank you for sharing!

  1. Don’t use multiple accounts. Period.
  2. Bookmarking gigs is far more useful for buyers.
  3. What? A Buyer contacting a seller before buying is wise, but sellers contacting buyers is against the ToS.
  4. What? Yes both buyers and sellers have requirements, but why would the seller open their own requirements?
  5. Don’t work for the rating. Work to serve your client. Priorities.
  6. There are only so many ways to say ‘I will do X’. Yes you should try to be different, but having the same title as someone else won’t likely result in a ban. Contents, yes: DO NOT COPY.
  7. Meet deadlines because that’s what you promised to do. Don’t aim to meet them to avoid being punished. Priorities.
  8. Endearing yourself to a client is a good general business practice. Don’t ‘befriend’ them with the aim to 'get future work. Priorities.
  9. Okay, this one’s good, though it’s wordy and just echoing the TOS.
  10. This is pointless unless you’re engaging in order to learn. Otherwise, being ‘active’ on the forums does near nothing to help.
  11. False. People need sleep. Don’t compromise your health.
  12. DON’T violate the TOS. Knowing the system trigger words to avoid is good, though.
  13. Reasonable tip, poorly worded.
  14. Reasonable tip.
  15. A near direct quote from the TOS.
  16. Reasonable on the surface, but doesn’t help if someone doesn’t know what SEO is. Thank goodness for Google and Fiverr articles.
  17. This should be common sense, but I’ll let it slide since that seems to be somewhat lacking.
  18. Reasonable, if it adds to the comprehension of the gig. Video for the sake of video might do more harm than good.
  19. The first part? NO, just no. Yes, market to your target audience. DON’T SPAM.
  20. I’ll let this one slide.

Thanks for this post.

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You are welcome. Thanks for reading

Try to be active as much as possible and market your gigs socially

  1. Yes multiple account is against fiverr TOS
  2. Bookmarking the gigs usually helps to rank you gigs impression tell me how just think like this if a seller bookmarking you gigs he/she is bookmarking as a buyer as he is switching to buyer for bookmark and thus the gig will appear in recommendation of that buyer/seller
  3. A seller never can contact a buyer till the buyer knocks first here I wanted to mean that be communicative to buyer and get clear what he/she actually needs.
  4. If you don’t let the buyers know your requirements for the task just think the buyer place the order without providing you anything what you will do just sit and watch the time? Fiverr has a requirements option in their gigs.
  5. I already mentioned a best rating can be possible satisfying the client please see. If you have a bad rating you can’t send any buyer request and also difficult to find jobs.
  6. Having same to same titles affects the rating
  7. Actually a friendly behavior with your clients brings you more job and also they recommends you to others as well Me myself is a proof.
  8. Being active in forums helps you to know many things regarding fiverr and also to be a top rated its not only mean fulfilling the requirements there is also some part of involvement needed in forum.
  9. Me too sleeps and everyone needs sleep but its a recommendations from fiverr to be active as much as possible.
  10. Wherever its possible is not a spamming and sharing gigs is not spamming

thank you for taking your time to make this post. it’s very helpfull

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In general, your ‘tips’ will be more credible if you can cite sources.

2 - Gigs views and Favorites , Get Fast orders Favorite My Gig i Will Like and Favorite your Gig
If your impressions are dropping, please read this. [ARCHIVED]

4 - Thank you for clarifying this one. Reworded tip: If you’re getting orders and missing requirements, modify your gig and add the requirements.

5 - Yes, a bad rating hurts your profile. Yes, you should give your best value. But human psychology and behavior is important. Priorities. With the context you’ve provided, the ‘tip’ is more: avoid bad ratings by working hard. That’s the mindset of thinking that ‘avoid the bad’ gets you to ‘good’. This does not get you to good. You just get ‘not-bad’.
Not all buyers leave reviews. If you work for a review, you’ll likely be disappointed. If you work to serve, you’re rewarded every time.

6 - Source, please?

7 is 8 - I wasn’t arguing the result, though this can be category/service-dependent. Golden Rule. Be nice for the sake of being nice, not because you want something in return.

8 is 10 - “its not only mean fulfilling the requirements” What requirements? The forums are a separate platform. Activity here does NOT influence the main platform.

9 is 11 - Yes, this is stated by Fiverr. The problem, however, is that ‘active’ is not defined in terms of time. For all we know ‘active’ just means spending an hour a day on Fiverr, and thus those ‘extra’ 23 hours are wasted. ‘Active’ could be 10 minutes. ‘Active’ could be 10 hours. We don’t know, and we do know that there are proven studies that consistent interrupted sleep is detrimental to health. Being ‘on call’ SUCKS.

10 is 19 - That can be and IS misunderstood to the point that several websites forbid Fiverr links. ‘Whenever’ means "at whatever time; on whatever occasion ", and does not include appropriateness.


Thanks a lot for sharing with us

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thanks, will try to keep these in mind.

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Thank you very much for your nice tips.

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Thank you very much.

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Thanks a lot for sharing this information.
Very informative…

thank you for sharing very important info about fiverr

Informative. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thank you very much for sharing this information

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Thanks for presenting your beautiful info. I want to know why I can’t send a message to the buyers who are already using the service from another seller on Fiverr. Suppose a service is received from another seller. If I could present him a good gig, he would be able to contact me if he ever needed some good service. Is it possible in fiverr?