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Fiverr Tips for sellers. How to increase sells!

I have had good success on as a second source of income. I can not say that I am rich but I do know how to network to gain and or maintain clients. One of the questions I get often is “how to get buyers or the first sell?”

Tip 1. When you set up your fiverr profile you want to make sure that you do not leave any section blank. Take advantage of every opportunity and utilize all areas where info can be mentioned related to your gig. This will help to ensure that if a buyer has any questions they can be answered when they browse through your profile. This will reduce the likelihood of them leaving your page and viewing someone else’s.

Tip 2. Your gig should have at least the following:
*A picture of your gig, Video to increase more sells, detailed description of what you are offering and most definitely some gig extras explaining other things you can do that will help to generate more income for you overall. Although Fiverr’s main slogan is based on selling gigs for $5; there is money to be made that can total up to $150 per gig if you have gig extras that are worthwhile to buy.

Tip 3. When delivering your gigs to the buyers always mention that you aim to please and that you want them to be satisfied. By saying this you are letting them know you are not just about the money but have a genuine interest in building a business relationship and hopefully you will be working with them again in the near future. Never just send the gig without given them information on what you did for them even if your gig already states what you do.

Tip 4. Remember that if you have LIVE PORTFOLIO enabled; every job you do will be seen by potential clients that come across your page. So if you want new business then it is important that every gig you do be as professionally done as possible no matter how much or little you made on the gig. Keep in mind any buyer whether new old repeat does not know how much the previous buyer spent on the gig in your life portfolio area. Some of my gigs have been $30, $25, $5 and even $60. Just something to think about. It’s all in the gig extras!
Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my Fiverr tip article. I look forward to working with many of you.

Quincy Moreland


@contespot: Promoting your account or Gigs is directly against the Forum Rules.

Please use the My fiverr Gigs to promote your account or Gigs.

This is Tips for seller & indirectly you are promoting your Gigs that you will create videos for anyone.


hi @dimana_art . I would never do anything intentional against the rules to jeopardize my good standing with Fiverr and honestly i did not know about what you mentioned but thank you for saying it. However I have adjusted my article to showcase only tips. The modification has been made. I work well with everyone on Fiverr and customer service and continue to have good standing relations with all.

Thank you for your comment.


@contespot: Your welcome :slight_smile:

It was just to help you so you can edit it & be safe :slight_smile:



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much appreciated :slight_smile:


I can not sell… I am trying every day… But my services are not being sold… What should I do?

You’ve got a gig ‘I will promote you Fiverr gig on social media’ - have you tried using it on your own gigs?


Thanks for your kind message. I got two sell by applying this strategy. But not enough.


can you promote my gigs on social media


thanks for was helpful.:grinning:


Where can we access the live portfolio option?


Hi, my LIVE PORTFOLIO is checked. But my delivered works are not seen in the gig. Any suggestion?

Thanks :slight_smile:


How to delivered your file?

  1. Image file?
  2. Zip file?
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I also can’t seen mine even though it is enabled.


Image and Zip, both.


I do not believe that was in reference to my gigs. The social media promo was 1 of the extra features I offered on a video promo video. But if it was for me, yes I have used these tips on my gig and definitely recommend them to all to use. It goes a long way. I have since stepped away from Fiverr for a year to pursue a few other things that are currently occupying my time so I have put my gigs on pause. But will soon be back after I have accomplished some of my goals.


It is an option you select when uploading your new gig or promotion video. It’s box that you check before making your gig active.

Thank you for replying! :slightly_smiling_face:

No, my response wasn’t aimed in your direction, it was for @monbadsha who re-opened your thread:

Good luck with achieving your goals! :sunny:

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I gotcha. Thank you kind sir