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Fiverr Tips for sellers. How to increase sells!

I found that it was checked on all og my gigs but still can’t see my
portfolio in my reviews.

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If you delivered Zip file then it’s don’t add in fiverr live portfolio. But if you delivered image then it’s show in live fiverr portfolio. But you don’t show it then contact fiverr support team.


Nice post
I have learned many TIps from this post


It will only show in there after the buyer leaves you star-feedback.

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You can promote your gigs on social media any time - every gig has a social media sharing link on the right hand side. :sunny:


Thanks for your tips.‘smile’

thanks to shear it. it’s helps for me


Thanks for sharing. I am a new seller. This tips will help me Highly.
Thanks again.

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it will show…if only buyer wants…

As a new seller this was very helpful to me.

Thanks for nice sharing

Thanks for the information

thanks for sharing. thank you

Your should share your gigs on the social medias like facebook, twitter, google and linked-in and other popular social medias in that group / forum which are related to your gig or service.

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