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Fiverr Tips- How get fast order

Its long time I have no order yet. my profile link


I haven’t looked at your gigs because I didn’t get past this on your profile:

Hi dear

Please, please, please do not use the word “dear” to address people in a professional setting. It’s completely unprofessional to do so. You also have grammatical mistakes in your gig titles, that isn’t going to help either.

Ok, so I did take a look at one of your gigs. It has the usual problem:

  • Satisfaction, 100% guarantee & extraordinary things are waiting for you

Never offer Unlimited revisions. Unlimited revisions implies that you couldn’t get it right the first time, and in fact that you don’t believe that you’ll ever get it right. Why else would you tell someone that you will need unlimited attempts to fix their problem.

Not exactly the story you’re trying to tell to your clients now, is it?

On top of that, your gig images are all stock images cobbled together, just like everyone else’s.

Remember, you’re in a sector with literally tens of thousands of competitors, you need to stand out by showing you are professional and capable of doing this job. Telling me that won’t do it. Show me.


Thank you for your great suggestion. It helps me a lot. May I use “sir/mam” instead of the word “dear” or what word will be perfect? Thank You so much mam.

Are you the original poster who asked this question?

I just wonder, because you are answering as though you are.


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No mam I am new .I just reading the post in forum and I saw this comment it helps me that is why I ask mam. Thank You.

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Ok. Just asking, because there are some here who will create multiple seller profiles, and that is not allowed.

I do not need to see your profile.

NO. Please refrain from calling people sir, madam, dear, darling, honey, sweetie, bro, pal, or anything else that can be construed as endearing - as if you are familiar with that person and already friendly. If you want to address someone here, your buyers or Buyer’s Requests, use either their User name (like I would address you as xelany) or whatever name they may end their posts or messages with. Most people you will be dealing with on this site are going to be from North America or areas of the world that do not have the same approach to calling people dear, sir or madam. It can feel creepy actually.


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I didn’t get any orders for year today in first time I got 80$ worth of orders suddenly. Be patient, for me I got my orders from my instagram and BR.

Thank you much genuineguidance.


Thank You so much Dear