Fiverr Tips: How To Make Use Of Buyer Request To Get Sales On Fiverr


If you’re a new seller on fiverr spending hour after hour without any sales, then I highly recommend you to use fiverr buyer request. Well, I’d like to call it a Gold Mine. If you can make proper use of it, you can easily crank up your Fiverr business. So, how to make proper use of the Buyer request? Well, below I’m going to explain it. So take your time and keep reading.

Well, you probably noticed that Buyer request section is too much messy and highly trafficked. So if you want to get some orders using it, you really have to be smart than your fellow sellers. So How To Be?
Stay Logged in on Fiverr
Try your best to stay logged in on fiverr so you can make request before other sellers do. You may be surprised to know that buyers usually knock those persons who make quick request.

Make a Portfolio
Most of the buyers ask for a sample work before placing an order, right? So try to invest your hours in making a professional portfolio. You can also set up a portfolio blog using Wordpress where you can update your best works.

Gig Description
Give your gig description a virtual voice so it can talk to a buyer, convince client, and turn a visitor into your customer. Mention everything you’re offering, tell your buyers why they should order your gig, why you are best than other, what extra facilities you will offer them. More importantly, use some promising lines at the bottom of your gig description. You’ll surely be amazed at the result of using promising lines in your description. You can check out my gigs to find out how I’ve made use of promising lines.

Starting a successful fiverr business is always an uphill task. So just keep calm, spend time on forum, and work on. Hopefully you can make enough sales in no time.


Thanks, I hope I can get a few sales with your advice.


Really I worked like that way with my old Fiverr id


Hi,i’m i new member here in fiverr, and i have just created my first gig. i hope your advices helps me to get my first sell


Thank you so much for your tips!

>>> Try your best to stay logged in on fiverr so you can make request before other sellers do.
If you’re logged in, how do you get notifications when a new request is posted?

How do you sort the buyer requests? (by date / by price)

Thank you.


I would like to add that do not post your gigs on buyers request page…just send the offer to the sellers request with exactly the same way as bluepenn described…


Just keep refreshing the page until you get a new notification.


Best of luck


Hello ! I find this post really useful,Buyer Requests can greatly help new sellers. But I have a question. Do you think it’s better to write a very short (thus not detailed) message to be one of the first or take time to write a nice message but arrive after 15 other sellers ? Or maybe have a template you send to every buyer after adding a little something to show that you understood what they need.


I normally writes the buyers requests offers in two paragraphs.
1st Paragraph: About MySelf(Template part).
2nd Paragraph: What I will do for them(Personalised).

Maintaining the ratio of 1:3 in these paragraphs also helps a lot.


That’s a great answer.


Thanks a lot for this answer !


I have been here for over a week, and I send a tons of offers in buyers requests section, and I got nothing :frowning: I don’ t know what to do. If someone of the older members, that already have been in this or similar situation, can check my profile or say something that will be useful, I will be really thankful to that person(S).


I’ve got very useful tips here. Thanks to all.


it heip full :tks all !!!. -i supply a prestigious business account (to help you promote your business with Facebook advertisement).skype:phamletrung2011


i am a new seller i have no work found at the moment /this advice is really usefull fore me lets seee


As a buyer my top tip for sellers responding to requests is to prove to the requester that you have actually read their request by referring to some of the important requirements of the request.

If I read a response simply saying something like “I can do your work” I dismiss it and move to the next.


Thanks for the tip.


gara you don’t offer any gigs, and what you wrote here is gonna get ur account banned.


is fiverr allow to send portfolio in buyer. request , i think its against the fiverr TOS