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Fiverr Tips: How To Make Use Of Buyer Request To Get Sales On Fiverr


I picked up my first order from buyer requests after joining less than a week ago. After a little discussion about the clients requirements A custom offer was created and so I’m very happy to have a sale so quickly with a 5 star review.
This, I hope, will put me on the right path.
I submitted to several buyer requests, but so far only one responded (the one I described already).


I’m very new here, so I don’t know for sure, but seeing as you attach a reference to one of your gigs when making an offer/responding to a request I personally think that’s all you should do.
In my case the buyer responded to my offer and asked me for samples/examples of my work that were in context with the work he was requiring.
I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t push too hard anyway. If someone asks I give them all the info they want because I know they are actively interested. Otherwise I’m probably wasting their time.
Works for me anyway!


My simple suggestion is to keep requesting.


what is meant by 1:3?


Way I used to do it is offering really cheap service for requested job, for example something that’s worth 20, 30 $ I’ve done for 5, hell I’ve even built 5+ pages websites for 25$. Also, make sure work that you do get is done quality and go for that extra mile in making customer happy. This will help you build your reputation and portofolio and make some progress in this Fiverr quest. It can be tiresome, but if you keep doing it, you’ll get bigger projects, that require less work and pay more.


Thanks for this post.
I hope this will help me to make my level 1 in the next 10days.


Thank you for your advice.
It’s very tough to get the first job in Fiverr.
Day by day I’m losing my patient.


Thanks for the advice


Thanks such a great advice


Man looks honest. :boy:


Thank you so mach for you advice