Fiverr Tips, Please suggest me some tips


**Please give me some suggestion to get more orders, Few days ago i’ve made two sales & one review (5 Star) but i want more orders, (minimum 1 order a day) **
My gigs is here…



…oh dear.

I’m a Professional in CVs & Cover letters making and I know that how to make the best eye catching resume for you.

To be fair, this poorly structured and grammatically incorrect sentence did in fact catch my eye.

I have much more experience on making CV & cover letters. I know the best ways and standards of making resumes & Cover Letters for the current needs.

Much more than… who? Also… ‘the current needs?’ Needs vary from person to person.

I can also edit your current resume and cover letters to current standards.

Which standards would these be? Perhaps you should elaborate… you certainly left enough space in your Gig’s description to do so.

I will guarantee you that, what I make as the best resume and cover letter you will ever see

This isn’t even a complete sentence.

I will write, modify or edit you CV, resume and cover letter…

‘Modify’ and ‘edit’ are synonyms; you’re being redundant.

If you want fast delivery in few hours, I’ll fever you & I’ll deliver you fast as you wish.
I’ll no extra charges for fast delivery.

  1. You’ll ‘fever’ me? I don’t want any fevers. Every fever I’ve ever had was an exploration of despair and discomfort. Hard pass.

  2. You’ll… deliver me too? I was delivered almost 30 years ago by an OB/GYN, but thanks for the offer.

  3. Why aren’t you charging extra for expedited deliveries? Isn’t this in effect the same as saying that ALL your deliveries will be expedited?

If not satisfied from my Work, don’t pay me.

For a buyer to determine that your services are unsatisfactory, they would have to pay for them first. In fact, that expenditure of money… is what makes them buyers.

100% guarantee it’s in high Quality and FULLY PROFESSIONAL,

I’m not altogether convinced of that.

In summary: the work you’re proposing to provide is wholly disproportionate to what you’re charging for said work (i.e. $5). You offer unlimited revisions, which is never a good idea, especially for Gigs related to writing (it gives the impression that you lack confidence in your abilities).

In fact, I will go further and say that you shouldn’t be offering this service at all. An employer would not give a CV, resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile the time of day if it was presented to her/him with the writing errors that your Gig’s description is replete with.

I understand that Fiverr provides a highly attractive platform that people can use to make money, but it just isn’t good enough to offer a service through a Gig simply because you can. You MUST be able to demonstrate that you possess the set of skills that would enable you to satisfy your customers. You haven’t done that here.


Share your gigs on social media sites every day you will get order and try buyer request


Ok, I’ve already sharing my gigs in social media, impression, Clicks & views is increased day by day, but i want 1000 views or impression on my gig,
Is that possible…???


try to search pages of social media sites there are many pages there and want same thing as you want you should work hard then you can get 1000 views


Thanks a lot…


Ok, I’ll try it, Thanks a lot…


Well, one more question for you,If i do “byers request”, is this legal, because fiverr warned me 1 day ago…


Don’t worry too much about the number of views, impressions etc. - they really don’t translate into sales.

@legacine I’m sure the OP appreciates your advice :slightly_smiling_face: , but I’m not sure that any of us has the right to suggest this:

So long as the OP is working within the ToS to keep Fiverr happy, and producing work of a high enough standard to keep their buyers happy then that’s all that matters.

@advertiser07 - you will get a warning if you try to promote your gig in ‘buyers’ requests’ - it’s for buyers to ask for help, not for sellers to promote their gigs.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok, Thanks…


Every one can send buyer request but send service related request i think you have sent out service related request so that is why fiverr warn you


Ok, Thanks a lot…


I have checked one of your gig . It seems to me that gig image is not so professional(low resolution) . Again you can add frequently ask question . A good review is best help to increase your sell .
Thanks . Happy earning !!


Ok, Thanks a lot…


You can’t promote your services in the BR section. BR section is where buyers post what they need done, and if you see a request you can fulfill, you can send your offer to the buyer. If the buyer is interested in your offer, they will contact you.