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Fiverr tips to rank and start getting orders

Hi guys, hope all is well.
I’ve only just started my journey here on Fiverr but I can tell you that nothing has been easy. It takes hard work and dedication to whatever your service is that you provide and let me tell you I’ve been doing a lot of $5 work and delivering projects that are worth more than $100 but I’m just building my reviews now so that’s what you should focus on as a new seller.

So I’d like to give you some tips as a new seller to follow:

1. Fiverr TOS.
Please, please view read fiverr TOS before starting your journey. I’ve heard so many stories of fiverr sellers that has made some very simple mistakes and ended up violating fiverr terms and end up losing their accounts forever. Don’t let that happen to you.

2. Keywords and tags.
When creating your gig you will be asked to enter your Title, please do proper keyword research on the service you plan to sell to be able to get maximum exposure. The TAGS are just as important, please research them correctly. (If you would like me to go into more details about keywords comment below and let me know)

3. Buyers request.
Every twenty-four hours you get 10 buyers request that you can send out. Please check those daily and be sure to send out all ten daily, you can get some pretty nice jobs as a new seller that way and can also get your first order as well.

4. Share your gigs on social media.
Don’t be shy, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to name a few wonderful platform to share your services. Let your friends and strangers alike see what you have to offer.

5. Ask your friends and family and friends to order your gig.
Do you know anyone that your service could help? just go ahead and ask them to order your gig.


Never done it, and I’ve had plenty of sales.

That’s the fastest way to lose family and friends. Same goes for MLM’s, there’s nothing more annoying when a family or friend joins an MLM and suddenly they want to give you a presentation on Herbalife or whatever.

Why are people so afraid of the marketplace? Fiverr is a search platform, if you have a good offer, you’ll get an order.


I’m aware that many people have not done this and still went on to have major success, however out of the successful sellers there are still a lot of sellers on Fiverr that builds a great profile, wonderful gig and yet they have been on Fiverr for 4-5 months without getting a single order am I right?

I myself hate MLM and those Herbalife presentations, however, let’s say your offering logo design services and you have a cousin or brother that you know is in need of a professional logo, is there something wrong with asking that relative or friend to order from you? I really don’t see a problem with that.

I’m happy to hear that you have had plenty of orders and I wish for you more success but fiverr is a very big community and not everyone has the same success rate and using logo design as an example again. If you type logo in fiverr search engine you will see that over 75,000 results pop up so it’s a very big sea of sellers out there.


Maybe their gig isn’t so wonderful. I don’t mean to be negative, but I’ve had gigs that were total failures and had to be deleted or modified. I also have gigs that used to get lots of orders and rarely get orders anymore. Fiverr is capitalism with very little central planning (Fiverr prohibits certain gigs, and can delete gigs if they violate TOS). Here success isn’t guaranteed.

My uncle bought my gig after I showed him what Fiverr is and what I do. He did not demand a revision, nor did he leave a review. Now I feel terrible, I wonder if my uncle liked my work, or if he felt he wasted his money. See what I mean? Doing business with friends or family is problematic.

That’s why it’s better to choose a specialization within the logo category. There are modern logos, minimalist logos, retro logo, futuristic logos, hand drawn logos, etc.


Hi, I want to add one more tip:

Be SO GOOD at what you do and how well you communicate that they won’t ever want to order from your competitors, and will order over and over just for the mind blowingly great experience they had before when they ordered a gig from you.

You don’t just expect to have one order from your buyers. You expect to have them come back over and over, for years, placing orders.


Hello, your information really helpful, wanted to read the TOS of fiverr. Please tell me where will I get it.


Your welcome, you can find fiverr Terms of service at the bottom of your fiverr page or click this link

This is so true, I believe in long term business relationship as well. Recurring customers can be your best for years down the line.

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Well yeah I can understand that as some family members arent the best. But for some reason i always choose to believe in the best of people I choose to keep around me, always giving out good energy so in tern I receive that from them as well.

Guess what i’m saying is that I believe the people around are always looking to help out even if I’m starting a new business but even my own Grand used to say "never mix friends/family and your business because it will be a toxic mix


Thank you very much.Your tips were very knowledgeable:pray:t3:

Yes, it is a problem to ask people to order from you.

You can let them know you’re doing something, but it’s rude to ask people to buy from you. Very rude, unprofessional and desperate. That is not going to help you grow a Fiverr business or any business.

People don’t grow a business by asking people to do favours for them.


That’s what Fiverr guidelines said years ago, but these days, if your friend or a family member leaves you a review, it’s review manipulation, and you can get banned for it.


Thank You! Your tips are really helpful :slight_smile:

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Is there any tool, using that I can do proper research on keywords for gigs ?

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I hope they’re honest. Cheerleaders and flatterers are extremely destructive, the people that hate your work until it’s really good are the best people to have around you. Getting praise from people who rarely give praise creates healthy self-esteem, as opposed to praise from optimists who can’t bear to say anything negative.

I agree 100%. It’s the same with dating, those who are desperate rarely get a date, while those who are cool and mysterious end up doing a lot better.

Only if you deliver nothing. Amazon encourages you to sell your books to family and friends, what they don’t tolerate are paid reviews. Either way, a piece of coal pretending to be a diamond will be exposed sooner than later.


Anything used to manipulate rating system is susceptible to ban permanently your account. It’s clearly on TOS you just mentioned.

So obviously asking family and friends order from your gig is a way to manipulate ranking system, because everybody know these people can easily, faster and better order from you personally instead your gig.

This is not considered as manipulating the system, you’re not asking them to leave a review, it’s the same as going into a coffee shop and handing out a flyer or business card to someone that’s in need of a service you provide.

It’s review manipulation if your relative and or friend orders your gig with the sole intent to leave you a review without you actually doing a honest work and delivering to that individual.

Also if you view this comment, it’s basically the same thing I’m saying

which I totally agree with 100%

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You may have misunderstood me, I’m suggesting that you ask a relative or friend to order from you if and only if they are in need of the service that you provide. It’s the same as going on fiverr’s “buyers request” and bidding for work from a customer there because your basically asking them to order your gig because your service can help them, your not asking for fake reviews as your delivering honest work and doing your best.

I haven’t misunderstood you at all. You’ve misunderstood me. “I’m suggesting that you ask a relative or friend to order from you if and only if they are in need of the service that you provide.”

It’s not just rude if you do that to a stranger, etc. It’s rude if you do it to anyone, including family and friends. That was my whole point.

It also looks desperate if you do it to anyone.

It also doesn’t help you grow get sales outside of your family and friends. There’s a huge myth that if you just get a few orders, you’ll start getting sales automatically. No.


Some time ago, someone asked CS about it, and they said that friends and family can order from us if they really need our services, but shouldn’t leave a review.

Amazon is weird. I’ve seen writers complaining that they’ve read a book they bought from Amazon (verified purchase and all, and no, it wasn’t their own book), left a review, and then that review got removed because Amazon thought that the author of the book was their friend, so it wasn’t an unbiased review. And how did Amazon come to that conclusion? The writer who bought the book and reviewed it and the author of the said book happened to attend the same convention (because they both write in the same genre).

I agree.