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Fiverr Tips which will help to get more sales on Fiverr in 2019 and 2020.

1: Create a complete profile by giving all the information.

2: Add appropriate skills on profile.

3: Put a brief description about you and your expertise.

4: Put a professional photo of your own, otherwise use logo that describe your services.

5: Create gig as per your expertise. If you are a new seller, price should be starts at $5 with minimum 1 day delivery.

6: Use high quality, best designs images for your gig which describe your services clearly. Also you can put videos and pdf file related to your gig services.

7: Choose the right category and sub-category when you are creating gig. Choosing category is one of the most important factor to display your services in-front of the buyer.

8: Keywords tag is very important. Choose the right and searchable keywords for your gig. Relevant and appropriate keywords tag will help to get more clicks and impressions for your gigs.

9: Gig title is the most important part of your gig, which describe your services. So write an attractive title and include best keywords, so that it will show on search results when buyer searches related to your services.

10: Description is the most important and valuable part for any gig. Always try to write unique, high quality and attractive description for your gig to get best Fiverr ranking. As the limit is 1200 character, so describe your services properly, input your best keywords 3 – 4 times, “write benefits of your services and include call to action in between these character limits”

11: Don’t copy of others gigs or images otherwise your account will be banned.

12: Put all the details on requirement section, so that buyer can understand what information you required to start work.

13: Social media sharing is the best and most effective method for getting more traffic for your profile or gigs. Fiverr likes outside traffic or visitors. If you are able to drive outside traffic for your profile or gigs through social medias, then Fiverr definitely reward your profile and help to get top ranking.

14: Buyer request is another great way for getting orders or sales. Any user can send maximum 10 request on daily basis, so don’t forget to use this great features.

15: Delete older gigs which are not performing well and create new gigs instead. This process will make your profile more active and fresh.

16: Don’t ask personal information to buyer like phone no, email, ■■■■■ or Whatsapp on Fiverr, otherwise you will get warning or directly banned by Fiverr community. So be professional and humble on your service.

17: Don’t create multiple accounts on Fiverr from same IP.

18: Always try to deliver the order before deadline. Deliver order on time is the best way to get top ranking. Fiverr reward those users who deliver the order on time with high quality work.

19: Always deliver high quality work as per the buyer requirements. If buyer not satisfied on your delivery, then ask buyer to extend the time and deliver the order after you completed.

20: Don’t cancel or delay orders. These things can harm your order completion rate.

21: Participate on Fiverr Forum can also be helpful for your gig or profile for better ranking.


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